Science, Technology & the Future – Conference – Nov 30 – Dec 1

We are on the cusp of a technological avalanche – with the internet of things we will see the digital frontiers expand further. It is clear that technology is a key driver of innovation. In a changing world maintaining and expanding our capacity to innovate is essential.

Science, Technology & the Future: Nov 30 – Dec 1 2013, Melbourne Australia

What will the future be like?

Right now, the technologies that we use to understand the world are in the process of a major transformation. Almost every field of knowledge is generating vast quantities of data, requiring unprecedented computing power and intelligent algorithms to interpret.

There will be sessions on Biomed, Engineering, Tools for Thinking about the Future, and Intelligent Technology.  See the Program for more info.

With the immense promise comes great challenges — the foremost being how to sift through the deluge of data to garner meaningful insights and translate them into practical innovations. Working out how to advance into personalised medicine from the human genome project, or create massive simulations of the cosmos from satellite and telescope data will occupy many.  We live in extraordinarily exciting times!


Nobel Laureate, Peter Doherty

Speakers include:

  • Peter Doherty – (Nobel Laureate) Immunologist; named Australian of the Year in 1997 and is listed as an Australian National Treasure

  • Lloyd Hollenberg – (Melbourne Uni) Professor of Physics – Recently won numerous awards for his work on quantum sensing and quantum computing

  • David Pearce – Philosopher and Founder of the World Transhumanist Association who promotes the idea that there exists a strong ethical imperative for humans to work towards the ultimate goal of removing suffering in all sentient life

  • Marcus Hutter –  (ANU) known for ‘Universal Intelligence’ a mathematical formalization of general intelligence

  • Scott Watkins – (CSIRO)Team Lead of the Organic Photovoltaics project at CSIRO – developing cheaper and faster ways to manufacture flexible solar coatings for many substrates

  • Tim van Gelder – CEO & Founder of Austhink Consulting – worked on augmenting human  rationality though refining computer aided design tools like Argument

  • Sarah Boyd – Spearheaded the Australian chapter of the Systems Biology Institute – responsible for progressing and overseeing the scientific, educational and outreach programs

  • Drew Berry – 3D Digital Biomedical Visualization at WEHI – he has won numerous awards for his amazing biomedical animations

  • Peter Ellerton – director of the University of Queensland Critical Thinking Project – His research focuses on the nature and teaching of critical thinkingstf-technology-trans

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith leading scientists and technologists from various disciplines gathering to speak about the future of science and technology, the conference will be a battleground for the science that matters to anyone with a stake in the future. Our society continues to grapple with the ethical implications of developments in science and technology. This year we will discuss the promise and perils of machine intelligence, materials science, the future of augmented reality and medicine, and much more.

The Nov 30 – Dec 1st conference takes place in a time of great change, and unprecedented risks to global safety and prosperity. Some of these changes may threaten our survival — but let us take solace that great change brings great opportunities. We have the societal framework to deal with increasingly complex problems, harnessing the accumulated weight of thousands of individuals in fields as narrow as a nanotube and as overlapping as the world wide web. Let us take the opportunity to future-proof our efforts to find solutions.

We invite you to come, share, and learn at Science, Technology & the Future – Secure your Tickets Now! – Nov 30-Dec 1 2013.


[dropcap]S[/dropcap]cience & Technology are essential for designing the future. With a philosophy of design guiding our progress in scientific research & technological innovation we can achieve great things! What high-impact technologies will preserve what we value and help to instill resiliency into our society?


[quote site=”Marcus Hutter”]The human mind is one of the great mysteries in the Universe, and arguably the most interesting phenomenon to study.[/quote]

Overcoming human limitations using science and technology – reducing the undesirable effects of old age, mitigating impacts of debilitating disease, freeing people from the shackles of un-chosen psychologies.

Join us in Celebrating the Future of Science & Technology!  Register for the conference now!


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