Call for Articles for Freerange Vol. 8 — animals, humans, robots and the borders and boundaries between them


Freerange Vol.8 is about animals, humans, robots and the borders and boundaries between them.

This edition is going to be edited by Melbourne based scientist and film maker Andrea Rassell, and returning to the design department is the eminent Shakey Mo.

We are looking for articles, ideas, images, stories, illustrations, inventions, or anything else that might contribute to this vol.8 of our 12 part journal series.

Want to combine your childhood experiences of flying a fly on a piece of cotton with your anti-establishment philosophical musings on robotic mosquitoes and the sanctity of human DNA? Perfect, because we’re looking for articles, essays, stories and other artefacts on the intersection between humans, animals and robots.

Some topics to set the scene:

  • Zombie ants – ants infected with the behaviour altering fungi Cordyceps
  • Microchipped and controllable cockroaches
  • Human empathetic ability with robots – androids versus animals
  • The ethical rights of robots – PETA of the future
  • In this transhumanist climate, might we end up evolving down instead of up? (Think HG Wells’ The island of Dr Moreau.)
  • Animals utilising human technology in the search for food
  • Robotic mules and the ethics of weaponisation
  • Learning to love your monsters.

Please submit a 100-word proposal to Andrea Rassell at by the last day of October.