Is the Pigularity Near?

After reading and writing about the possibility of a hybrid chimp-pig origin for Homo Sapiens, I’ve had a mild case of pigs-on-the-brain.

Consider recent results from Japan, showing the viability of injecting human stem cells into pigs, causing them to grow human-like organs.    Well, hmmmm.

These results, are of course, not about brains.  But what if?  What if we inject human neural stem cells into pig brains?  Might we get, perhaps, an impressively  smarter pig?

Could this uber-pig perhaps be a good testbed for brain-computer interfacing experiments?   Why not, after all — it would be an easy way to test BCI in humanlike brains without actually experimenting on humans?

What we’d have then, is some super-smart pigs jacked into calculators, Mathematica and the Internet, and with the capability to neurally connect to a diversity of sensors and actuators.

What happens when their brains start adapting to the hardware that’s been wired into them?

Help yourself to some bacon while you still have the chance.  The fact seems almost (OK, well not quite) inescapable: THE PIGULARITY IS NEAR !!!


  1. I wonder if they will eat human.

  2. LOL, the Pigularity.


  3. Seems to me this how Harkonens come to live

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