Numanity Episode 2 – Morphological Right

Violet Sparkling Cloud by Anyzamarah

Crying out loud and running with no sense of direction away from other kids, the little boy just wanted to be alone. He ran and ran across a vast green field until suddenly realized he was on the verge of falling down from a cliff; he held his breath and he saw it there … the cloud. He had never seen it before from such a small distance. He could almost touch it, and the cloud was beginning to form a little peak towards him, a bump which begun to appear and emerge towards him, but he was so mesmerized by the cloud details, little sparkling crystals floating in a shining white foamy background, that he did not notice and could not react to anything. The tip of the cloud almost reached his nose, and after a bit hesitation, like it was considering something, the cloud touched the boy.

For a brief moment the boy felt everything and even beyond what he has ever imagined to be categories of feeling, he was accepted, as an opinion in a vast array of thoughts. He could feel the joy of that, and it was amazing, even more triumphal than when he did his full butterfly jump in a Hot lava game in front of the girls.


It was his nanny; Miss Peking.

But it was too late. He was swimming in the most colorful dream he has ever had, and there was no way he was going to wake up.

The sight Miss Peking was observing terrified her as the cloud almost swallowed the boy completely.

She ran towards the boy to free him, but it was too late. The boy was meters away from the edge of the cliff and was held by cloud in the mid air.

She was screaming and crying at the same time and strangely appeared to be talking directly to the cloud.


Almost fainting due to  shock, exertion and panic, Miss Peking fell to the grass; her eyes were almost shut. She saw other teachers running up the hill towards her.

With an extraordinary effort she turned her head towards Tom and she witnessed something completely baffling; the cloud was putting Tom slowly to the ground… BAAAM!

A blinding light filled the scene and she felt a massive impact. A huge explosion at higher parts of the cloud perhaps, and then the boy who was couple of meters above the cliff felt from the cloud on the ground. She fainted.


It was Mo watching the whole scene and giving orders to fire at the cloud moments before miss Peking fainted.


This time he shouted more vigorously.

Three kinetic EMP penetrator torpedoes were launched at the cloud. One was completely swallowed by the cloud but the other two exploded right before hitting it. The one inside apparently did the trick and caused the cloud to reflect back inside itself falling back hundreds of meters in a matter of seconds.

A couple of people were running to get the woman and Tom while others were waving at the ship;  watching the Vengeful class spaceship landing on the flat grasslands of Greenland.

It was a massive piece of engineering, almost five hundred meters long and hundred meters high, a truly magnificent example of state of art machinery. After a decade, the Knock-Nevius was finally back on earth.

“Aaaand …touch down!”

Mr Naderi chief pilot of the ship, said while struggling with the control board trying to balance the ship manually since EMP torpedoes was deployed seconds ago.

“Knock-Nevius, Let’s see what the earth has been up to since we left.”

Mo’s voice echoed throughout the ship.

“And I want a full report on that cloud thing by tomorrow Miss Monti” Mo addressed his officers on the deck. Miss Monti, top of her class, graduated from Hegxatechnique de Milano, in interplanetary communication and was Knock –Nevius’s first science officer.

She was famous for her Active Melanin Nanorobots,  color changing hair, among the officers. It was the largest fashion boom of the late 21st century.

Designer and Model Elle Frostegard

“Marvinsky, Riess come with me … General see if we can arrange for more EMP weaponry, they seem to be working!”

Mo was facing general Habib this time:

“Keep me posted on the debate news as well, I trust your judgment”

“Yes, Captain!”, the officers replied in unison.


“Wake up boy, TOM … TOM wake up for the love of god, wake up!!!”

A man was shouting at the boy’s face, he opened his eyes and first thing he noticed was the sky! … It was so blue with the sun shining in between the shadow of standing people, the grass never felt so green and fresh before to him, the smell of air, Ugh… he smelled something burning! He remembered an explosion, and suddenly came to notice the people around him …

“Thank GOD! It is a miracle! He is alive!”

“Stop shouting in my face! I am fine!!”

Tom raised his hand and pushed him away.

People were surrounding him. He  noticed uniforms, which he had only seen in advertisements for the republic defense and energy forces.

“May I have a moment to myself please?”

Tom asked gently, while looking at many shocked faces. Even Miss Peking who was now up and about, and was alarmed by how articulate his way of speaking had become.

“People you heard the boy, let him have some privacy then”

Mo said while helping the boy getting up on his feet, which the boy did not seem to like much. He started to walk away, while covering his ears with his hands and singing something for himself.

“Kids these days! They don’t even respect their parents, we are nothing to them…pffff“, said the man who found Tom on the ground. He was their futurology teacher.

“Riess go after the boy! Don’t let him do anything stupid, we don’t know what that cloud did to him …”

“Yes captain!”

“Who saw the boy first?” Mo asked. They were pointed at Miss Peking, “her”.

“Marvinsky get a report on their outdoor activities schedule and any unusual behavior of the kids.”

“Will do captain.“

“Have you had such experiences with this THING before? “

They shook their heads, indicating a negative answer.

“Leave me and miss Peking alone please, I need to ask her some questions.”

Miss Peking was worried. As her fellow nannies and teachers were leaving her with Mo, her tension grew; she could not keep her secret from a Starfleet captain.

“… Are you ok?” Mo asked with an ironic intonation.

“I am fine thank you for asking, we should worry about the boy, I saw the cloud was taking him away…thank god you were here in time”

“Assuming you know that I know what is inside you based on unusual heat signatures we found around your body, would you please tell me what it is? We couldn’t trace it as a silicon based or graphene based technology …what exactly are you?”

She was stunned! She had been certain they were fooled by her masking technology which she had installed herself on the other side of the border.

“I have low blood pressure and emotional issues, I paid loads for this piece of crap.” She replied  switching from a passive mode to a more defensive one.

Mo smiled and continued: “this implant you installed, I wonder what will happen if somebody finds out about it this side of the border.“ That was not an option; the republic was against any advanced computational technologies merged with humans.  Anyone found to have any type of implant was imprisoned. From defensive she went to a seductive mode, one of the most powerful evolutionary weapons humans have, and said.

“There is no need for that, I am sure we can work something out” She tried to grab him but he stood aside. “Are you going to tell me what you are?  Or do I have to take it out?”

He was sure it is not a simple implant because that should not make her unconscious by a simple super imposed magnetic field they launched to make the cloud go away.

She started laughing, it was getting louder and louder! Mo reached for his gun smoothly, and changed its ammunition status to self-replicator while concentrating on her movements. And then she snapped,  grabbed his hands, and with a glazed look stared into his eyes. She whispered, “Exutopia is what you are looking for.”

And in a blink of an eye it was too late, she was running for the cliff,  fast! That meant there were Recpirocytes in her veins helping to deliver more oxygen to her muscles. If she had veins that is. It was a common intervention when it was launched but the moral issues started and the technology was banned this side of the border…

But she was so human like, how can that be possible? And what was Exutopia, he had never heard of this term. He tried to shoot her but she was dodging his shots, moving in a refined fuzzy pattern. And then she disappeared with a master class dive into the sea.

He could hear the boy shouting, “ I knew it! I knew it she was one of them!”

Marvinsky was running towards him, “What happened?”

“She wanted to swim.”

“What, now? Why so much in a hurry? Looked like she was running from something.”

“Or maybe it is not the time to discuss it, I go back to my survey! Sir”

“Yes, you better do”

As Marvinsky was off convincing others that nothing important had happened and informed them that they would be briefed with shortly. Mo noticed that the futurology teacher was not among them. He was alone with himself sitting on a rock; like he was talking to himself.

Mo went and sat down beside him, and just as he wanted to start his way of polite interrogation, Andy, that was his name, started to tell everything!

Surprising him with this burst of information, from his affair with Miss Peking, to the implant for her anxiety condition. Poor man didn’t know what was actually up with his love, but he proved to be useful anyway.

That’s how he learned that the kid’s parents was working on a top-secret project, a weapon to counter the cloud. Miss Peking’s interest was related to that perhaps. To his surprise the scientist was having an art exhibition in the walking city of Nuuk, which would be a good opportunity for investigating further.

“Ok stop, I got what I want, thanks.”

Mo interrupted,  “Now all you have to do is to let it go! Maybe she will come back, but what I saw was far more twisted than you think.”

“What do you mean, captain?”

You could sense the tension in his voice.

“ Don’t worry I will let you know if I find anything, now, you have kids to teach! And I have a war to prevent! See you for dinner on the ship, Andy?”

Andy nodded.

Mo stood him up and started walking with him to the ship.


Tonight, it wasn’t like the previous time he saw it! It was much brighter, even with the cloud being miles away from the coasts of Greenland, it was lighting up the sky with the help of the midnight sun . Add to these northern lights and you will have an idea of this magnificent 22nd century view.

Bling!  A sudden sound broke his moment of peace.

“What is it?”

“Dinner is served captain.”

“Thank you, will be there in a moment”

He was fixing his bowtie, and listening to an old record, Reflection by TOOL as he was digesting the events of the day and their significance for his decisions from now on.

He had his last look into the mirror and left for the dinner. As he was making his way to the second floor he thought about the cloud swallowing the boy in fact it was the only thing occupying his mind, what happened to the boy? What it felt to be inside the cloud? And what was the cloud purpose? These were the questions running around in his mind and smashing to each other creating new ones like a chain reaction. Distracted by his thoughts He didn’t notice the distance he travelled to reach the dining room, he found himself sitting on the table after saying hello to the people; tom was sitting at the far back of the table to his right next to miss Monti.

The boy was not eating. Mo noticed Monti telling Tom how delicious those artificial meats are but the boy flipped out running for the exit, and went out … Mo raised his hand pointing at Monti, telling her to follow the boy.

“Get the boy Monti.”

“Ok, sir.”

She followed the boy through the corridors of the ship, asked couple of officers outside by the entrance of the restaurant area and the hallway, weather they saw a little boy running. They all pointed out to the Viewing bay … how the boy found out there was a viewing bay she did not know…but it was clear he was going there. After minutes of hide and seek, She finally found the boy looking at the beautiful mixture of northern lights and the midnight sun of the Greenland …

He noticed her coming.

“Do you know what is on the other side?”

“No, Tom. I don’t.“

“Can I come with you, I want to try it again “

He turned around looking straight into her eyes, like he was excavating some parts of her soul.

“It is more complicated than what you think … but what is it that you want to try again?”

He turned from her, and whispered silently “he was putting me down anyway.”

“The cloud?”


“That was because of the EMPs we launched, who knows what was it going to do with you if we were not around in time. And we are not going to the other side of the border as far as I know.”

“No, He …“


Monti asked raising her eyebrows.

The boy paused for few moments, and then continued:

“It helped me understand, I aged, and I can see myself from outside now.”

Monti couldn’t wrap her head around this high-articulated way of speaking this boy just switched into.

She kneeled down and held him tight,

“What happened when you saw that cloud? What happened when it grabbed you?”

Tom turned from the window again, and  then walked to her,

“He told me, old people are scared of what they don’t comprehend, and he said I have a morphological right, he showed me the Exutopia!”

Monti was speechless as the boy smoothly slipped through her tight grip, and left.


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