Numanity Episode 1- Future Shock

It wasn’t even a full century since he was gone but the earth he was observing looked somehow different. It appeared to be divided in half by invisible lines, one side bright even with that thick cloud lurking miles above the surface and covering it while the other half, well, lets say it was less bright. The people who were rejecting reality were in the dark and always will be, and that is one of the biggest mistakes human beings make over and over and that is to seek refuge in the Yin element of morality.

After all it is beautiful, almost a true representation of yin and yang.” he whispered while listening to the debate.

“The interactions between us gives birth to new things. Yin and Yang transform each other. They are not the opposite they complement: like an undertow in the ocean, every advance is complemented by a retreat, and every rise transforms into a fall. Thus, a seed will rise from the earth and grow upwards towards the sky—a truly yang movement. Then, when it reaches its full potential height, it will fall. Also, the growth of the top seeks light, while roots grow in darkness.

But what is going to be the fruit of this interaction you may ask, interaction between morals at the highest level, it is not the classic path of freedom over the path of tyranny, which was demonstrated once in our history. It is not about freedom any more; freedom was until we were human.”

He was listening to final world debate on the issue at the UN new base in Oslo.

A guy was shouting at the top of his voice …”this is madness, what will happen to those who can not afford to come by these technologies, these mysterious implants of yours, I will tell you what will happen to them, they will become pets, at best, Slaves for your technological advances. “

You could hear the crowd reacting to those words… the speaker continued. “What will happen to morality, what about humanity, WE ARE HUMANS, and we shall STAY as HUMANS, man USES the machine, man do not MERGE with it.”

His name was Allen Pits, chairman of the human republic as they called themselves. A crowd started to cheer at these words interrupting a holographic message from the neo-humans.

It seems that we are still motivated by fear, “ he thought to himself.

As he was listening to the debate and floating in his thoughts, he came to notice his technical officer Dr.Riess .He was calling him for the past couple of minutes.

“What is it?” 

“Sir, they want to know if we have decided which side are we on.”

He stood up and walked towards the control screen.

“General, which one of them do you think has the right opinion?”

A short bald man in his mid 60s, General Habib was one of the leading military scientists in space propulsion specializing in FTL and Alcubierre drives.

“You know me, sir, I would have chosen the human side. I like my self to be in my head not anywhere else.“

Habib continued tapping his bald head.

“Natural death is the last illusion of the old world sir and it is to hard to change thousands of years of perceptions in one night.”

He turned around and smiled while nodding.

“Dr. Riess take us to Greenland; tell them we will not support any sides of the conflict until the end of the world-debate.”

“Sir, what makes you think they will not go hard on us or even against us?”

Riess asked. “Son! We control their sun, our sun, the only star available for fueling any future.”

General Habib enthusiastically shouted. By “controlling their sun” he meant the Solarian plant, an array of solar satellites, which were harvesting the energy of the sun.

They exchanged a heavy look at each other and then Riess disappeared from the deck. He went back to his commanding chair and started listening to the debate.


Humans call me Dr. MO, and they call me, at least last time I checked, downgraded minority, sometimes even they go all the way and calling all of us monkeys. By they I mean the Neo-humans.

I am the guy responsible for the coming extension of human race, but the thing is Neo-humans don’t look at it like this, they think by merging with technology next level of evolution will begin. As a simple evolutionary process, their exceedingly higher intelligence and therefor adaptability will make them the dominant species on earth.

There I said it, last war on earth will be between humans, with different moralities.

One front says there should not be any technological means merged with our biological body. But that is just stupid! Didn’t they see it coming, at the beginning of 21st century we had mobile phones which were our gateways to the primitive concepts of cloud computing and free information flow which we called it internet back then, how long would it take to make them as small as a neuron and merge them with the brain not to mention my best friend’s works in Nano technology field.

Professor Gordon and his Nano robotic medicines, they were a serious wake up call for all of us. At first he increased biological life span of humans by 40% and in the second phase, which I think it was in 60s, they reached maximum biological efficiency! And there was one of my stupid ideas to replace cell nucleus with more efficient silicon based one, and there you had physical immortality. Virtual immortality was available by then, you just had to have enough memories or in a live specimen case you needed to sync the brain with a Quantum-Spintronic AI module, they should have understood by then, but they just went against it or ignored it.

He stopped writing, turned his head around couple of times didn’t see anyone, but he was sure he heard something, he needed to finish this letter this was the last one, it was important.

“Too dark to see anything beyond the cemetery once you’re in it.” He whispered to himself.

The sculpture on the tomb in front of him was being born when he started writing but now it was his young father staring at him with an indescribable joy in his eyes like when a father sees his child for the first time, in fact, in the sculpture’s point of view Mo was just being borne.

He tried to write more but he couldn’t, he knew it was late; he must have been on the way. He stood up, had his last glance at his father, as his hair was turning grey and left.

It wasn’t a high-end cemetery, not many people could afford a multi temporal sculpture of their parents to put on a tomb anyway, but AI modules were available, legal and cheap in these areas, which obviously were exploited. People wanted to know what their dead family members want to say. As he was making his way out of the cemetery he could hear the whispers of Eternality systems talking about him visiting his father every year.

“Why he never talks to his father? He has enough memory.” said one of the Eternality units, which sounded like a young woman. It was true he had enough memory of his father stored in a vault somewhere, he even could afford to make a full functioning semi-biological humanoid form of his father’s conciseness, but he was afraid.

“Maybe he can not face him after what he did.”

“All of them are like that, they want immortality for themselves.”


He shouted at dead people’s minds… as his voice was echoed through the cemetery.


“Sir…SIR IT IS TIME”. It was his first officer Marvinsky. He didn’t notice his coming in at all.

“We are approaching LEO, your confirmation for landing?“

“Sir… Captain…. CAPTAIN!”

Mo jumped into his solid character as fast as he could, while trying to recognize the source of the voice.

“Oh, was I asleep? What happened?”

“You were too tired, sir”

Marvinsky said while pointing at a portable authentication pad, which he was holding near Mo to sign.


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