Audio: Transhumanism, Technology & the Future — Interview with Natasha Vita-More

Humanity+ board chair Natasha Vita-More appears on the Bullet Proof Executive‘s podcast hosted by Silicon Valley investor, computer security expert, and entrepreneur Dave Asprey.

“This episode stretches the boundaries of biohacking by looking at the futurist ideology and movement called transhumanism. Natasha Vita-More, an American designer, theorist and author, joined me on this episode to discuss the possible transformation of the human condition by developing technologies that enhance intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.”



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1:55 What is Transhumanism?
4:30 How to take control of human evolution
6:45 What will the body be/look like in 10 years?
10:00 The increased awareness of your body
15:40 The likelihood of Natasha’s vision happening within 50 years
17:15 Your brain and personhood
19:30 How deep is your consciousness? Where in the body is it?
21:30 The limitation of human senses
24:00 Horses, heart rate variability, and consciousness
25:40 Data, the necessary research, and our ability to upgrade the body
27:15 Human sensitivity and the environment
29:25 Natasha’s supplement regimen
32:05 What Natasha does to increase her IQ
33:50 “I love sleep!” – Natasha on sleep
35:00 Dave’s take on quantity vs quality of sleep
37:40 What to say to futurist naysayers
41:00 How Natasha reacts to haters
42:30 Transhumanism, Quantified-Self, and Culture
45:40 Natasha’s Book, Network, and More
48:00 Top 3 recommendations

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