HUGO: RED NEVER FOLLOWS 31 July – 1 September

HUGO celebrates its 20th anniversary with a unique exhibition featuring 20 contemporary artists at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, HUGO will be presenting an exhibition of 20 artists from across the globe and many of these works will be of interest to H+ readers.Works include themes of interest to transhumanists, blurring the lines between the digital world and physical reality, altering and questioning the nature of the body and mind, and impossible images made real through technological means.

The exhibition will provide a multisensory experience and visitors are invited to enter and interact with the works on display. Electropastete’s light projection maps movement on the wall and allows visitors to use their bodies to create a virtual painting, leaving a trace of themselves behind; Güvenç Özel’s pulsating kinetic sculpture explores the relationship between architecture and human movement through an interface that detects brain frequencies; Jun Fujiwara’s sound bottle captures sounds and rearranges them into a soundtrack; Jeongmoon Choi’s floor to ceiling UV installation maps out 3-D space using a fluorescent grid and visitors will be able to climb into Marco Barotti’s large-scale inflatable sculpture. Other works include Sonice Development’s robot, which will live paint a mural on the Gallery wall through the duration of the exhibition.

HUGO: RED NEVER FOLLOWS features work by Victor Ash, Marco Barotti, Felix Bonowski, Jeongmoon Choi, Pierre Debusschere, Sonice Development, Elektropastete, Jun Fujiwara, Bart Hess, Takahito Irie, Mark Jenkins, Armin Keplinger, Daito Manabe, Güvenç Özel, Pussykrew, Iepe Rubingh, Elisa Strozyk, Steffen Seeger, URBANSCREEN and US (Chris and Luke).

Bart Hess. Mutants

Bart Hess (born in 1984 – Netherlands)

Dutch artist Bart Hess experiments with the human body, which he distorts and modifies until it is unrecognizable. Hess’s grotesque manipulations of the body could be interpreted as a commentary on the definition of the body in society, as ultimately this way of defining the body is as fragile as the materials that he uses; foil, taught to breaking point, and balloons, blown up to capacity.


Güvenc Özel. Cerebral Hut

Güvenc Özel (Turkey)

Güvenc Özel is an architect, artist, and researcher. His extensive portfolio includes; Izmir Opera House, an urban architectural vision that becomes a synergy of spational, cultural as well as pratical and contextual aesthetics, and Cerebral Hut, a kinetic installation that explores the relationship between architecture, movement and human through an innovative interface that turns brain frequencies into a reactive movement.




Jeongmoon Choi. Birdcage

Jeongmoon Choi (born in 1966 – Seoul, Korea)

The space-encompassing installations of the Korean artist Jeongmoon Choi unfold under ultra-violet light, thus generating new perspectives and spatial illusions. She works with thousands of fluorescent threads, which she arranges alongside each other in geometrically precise connections, visually blurring boudaries between the digital world and physical space.




Mark Jenkins.

Mark Jenkins (born in 1970 – USA)

The American street artist Mark Jenkins is one of the most prominent representatives of urban intervention. His figures populate the sidewalks of New York, Tokyo, London and Moscow, and succeed again and again in creating subtle confusion. These one off works, varying from true-to-life figures and transparent tape animals, are an effective critical commentary on society.



Artist Steffen Seeger.

Steffen Seeger (Germany)

Berlin artist Steffen Seeger creates ‘One Line Drawings,’ producing portraits and graphic patterns in one movement. Coming from a graffiti/writing background, Seeger has further developed the One Line Drawing method as a new form of expression.


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