Bioart: Transhuman and Posthuman Performance

For over a century, science fiction has attracted the attention of the entire world population, having obtained one of his biggest hits in the fact narratives provide utopian and dystopian about the progress of science and the limits of the human capacity for understand their own complexity and its place in the world. However, just 30 years ago the ideas of transhumanism and posthumanism have become part of the intellectual influences of various art forms that handle similar issues. But it is still only recently that scholars of transhumanism and posthumanism have interpreted the work of many artists and designers manifests pioneers like your ideas or a rejection of possible future involving these ideas. This is not to say that the post-humanist and transhumanist thought is not present in previous artistic work this period, but the explicit link between theories of humanism and such works trans-/post- human Art has been established only recently.

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