Citizen Science: Search for Space Warps with Online “Brain Game”

Help astronomers locate rare gravitational lenses using a distributed collaboration tool. Massive galaxies warp space-time, bending light rays so that we can see behind them. Gravitational lenses act like telescopes, but these “space telescopes” are hard to find.

Searching for them is also fairly challenging visual and mental exercise which requires concentration and pattern recognition ability. While not specifically designed for this purpose, Space Warp is a nice example of a crowdsourced application that also directly benefits its users.

Help science and exercise your mind at the same time!

Here’s some samples of real lenses and false positives. To learn more about telling the difference read the Spotter’s Guide.

Learn more about the science here: and watch the following video.

To get started finding lenses, go to

Identifying candidate lenses is easy. Just look for a lens, and click if you are sure.

Here’s the first one I found:

Happy hunting!


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