Sirius Documentary About Moronic Aliens

Alien Crash Site (photo credit: Sue Thomas)

Occasionally I hear about how people think aliens possess Singularity level technology, or near Singularity level technology. Some people think advanced alien technology has fallen into the hands of a few secretive humans in the government or military. I think people who subscribe to these alien ideas have been watching too many Transformers films.

Criticism is imperative regarding people who speculate about aliens landing or crashing on Earth. More importantly, aside from the criticism, their ideas also offer me an opportunity to explain the magnitude of the Singularity. This is a chance to explain how technology progresses rapidly when it reaches a significant level of advancement. It’s worthwhile to contemplate the possibility of the Singularity occurring first via aliens, before humans reach the Singularity. This is an opportunity, regarding the criticism of alien theories, to explain how the intelligence explosion will touch every aspect of the universe thus humans will know if aliens achieve the Singularity first.

Recent alien Singularity speculations, so I have been informed, pertain to something called the Sirius Disclosure. It is total BULL-shizzle of course, which is typical regarding anything about aliens. It reminds me of the Mayan 2012 end of the world, or Camping’s Rapture. Apparently there will be a revelation on 22 April 2013 regarding Dr Steven Greer’s Sirius documentary.

Below is the Sirius trailer, which seems to be serious but it could be a joke-hoax by R U Sirius, although there is no evidence to suggest a joke or any connection to R U Sirius. The Sirius disclosure is supposed to be truly serious. I suspect it pertains to the Sirius star, it’s actually nothing to do with the respected cyber-denizen R U Sirius.

I think aliens are utterly non-existent excrement. There is absolutely no reason for aliens to be secret. In essence they exactly resemble God, or the simulation hypothesis. The secrecy makes no sense whatsoever, the ideology is merely escapism, it is very delusional. In addition to The God Delusion I think Dawkins needs to write The Alien Delusion and The Simulation Delusion.

To highlight execrable nature of theories about aliens let’s consider a book tilted “The Sirius Mystery: New Scientific Evidence of Alien Contact 5,000 Years Ago,” by Robert Temple. The Sirius Mystery was first published in the late 70s, which by now (2013) is a long time for alien technology to develop, if aliens truly arrived on Earth in the late 70s, assuming their technology was capable of traversing the vastness of Space in the 70s. Our world has changed a lot over the past 35 years but how would aliens change over the same timespan?

The Sirius star is approximately 8.6 light years away from Earth thus a significant level of technology would be needed to traverse the distance. Consider how us humans, despite our technology, have not yet sent a manned mission to Mars, thus you begin to grasp the requisite level of technology for light-year travelling aliens. So if you imagine a level of technology capable of traversing 8.6 light years in the late 70s, think about how much this hypothetical technology would’ve advanced by year 2013.

Humans, such as ourselves with our primitive technology, we have advanced significantly since the 70s. Most people agree our speed of progress is accelerating, we’ve actually come a long way in the past 15 years. So, how far do you think very proficient aliens would advance in around 35 years? I think they would surely have experienced the Singularity, which humans would have noticed. We are not however considering a mere 35 years, we are considering, according to Robert Temple, aliens possessing the ability to traverse 8.6 light years 5,000 years ago!

5,000 years is a long time for technology to mature within our universe. If aliens could have travelled 8.6 light years 5,000 years ago, their technology would now be utterly unavoidable for everyone in the universe because the rate of progress accelerates, the acceleration cannot be stopped, there would surely have been a universe level explosion of intelligence, noticeable by all intelligent life. The Singularity will be a very rapid, very powerful, explosion, noticeable by the whole universe. It therefore seems clear humans will be the first intelligent beings in our universe to experience the Singularity circa 2045, whereupon very shortly afterwards the whole universe will be aware of it.

What does the US government say about aliens? In November 2011 the White House officially denied any contact with aliens but Gizmodo responded by stating the White House would obviously deny contact, which perhaps implies if something is secret it will be denied, that governments never tell the truth. Here is what the US government said: “The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race. In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye.” Governments can be very dishonest but this doesn’t mean they’re always dishonest. In this case I am sure they are being honest. To determine the truth we need to logically consider hypothetical alien technology and visitation.

Aliens have nothing to fear from humans because their technology needed to travel to Earth would far surpass our current technology. Their technology would easily protect them. Any galactic or intergalactic level of civilization will inevitably invent AI, furthermore AI would be combined with extremely advanced nanobots, thus any alien would have a tremendously clear grasp of intelligence even if intelligence differed from their own type of thinking.

Despite inevitably supreme technology, inevitable high intelligence, aliens oddly crash their ships on Earth, or they incompetently carom around our skies while conducting technologically primitive experiments of an anally probing nature on humans. Surely aliens could invent a human body on a chip, especially when you consider humans are close to achieving this breakthrough, thus there is no need to probe anuses? Aliens could easily download everything they need to know about anuses including the psychology of anal penetration from the Internet, or regarding pre-Internet abductions I’m sure aliens could have created virtual non-suffering simulated humans for their anal penetration. Capturing humans then probing their anuses makes no sense. The anal probing nonsense is merely a human fear, it is nothing to do with actual aliens.

Aliens, if they had the technology needed to travel to Earth, could easily protect themselves during all communications with humans, they could easily communicate with us in a very sensible manner, they could end all our suffering, which any advanced creature would understand the intelligence or ethics of doing so, but identical to God, or simulation controllers, aliens remain secret, very elusive, they let us suffer and die because they don’t exist. They show clear evidence of being intellectually immature, they are positively retarded.

God definitely doesn’t exist but perhaps, very likely, there’s a very primitive pre-Singularity civilization of non-human beings somewhere in the universe very distant from Earth, although I can assure you, very definitely, advanced beings don’t exist because the level of advancement required for travel to Earth entails the Singularity, but the Singularity hasn’t yet happened. If technologically super-aliens existed anywhere in the universe I guarantee we would have heard about them, they would have at least sent us a care package, furthermore their care package would be intelligent enough to avoid falling into the hands of a elite group who would suppress it.

Wherever you are in the universe you will know about the Singularity when it happens, but it hasn’t yet happened. Humans are apparently the most technologically advanced race of beings, or perhaps there is another pre-Singularity culture sightly ahead of us but there are definitely no beings in the universe with the requisite advanced technology to reach Earth.

The idea of advanced aliens coming to Earth then idiotically and irreparably crashing their ships, or dying in some other way, it’s utter nonsense. Likewise regarding their mysterious abductions, landings, or their darting airspace obscurantism, it’s pure nonsense. If they crashed, which is an incident their inevitable AI-systems would actually never allow to happen, their inevitable crash protection devices, or their self-repair mechanisms, would ensure no harm whatsoever comes to their ships or themselves, they would definitely not be captured by a technologically primitive race of beings. If humans can create stem cells from blood or urine, which can then create brain cells, surely aliens will have very advanced regenerative medicine, instant repair nanobots flowing in their blood, or whatever they have instead of blood?

Surely their ships, computers, their 3D-printers will be self-healing and ultra rapid? Sufficiently advanced technology quickly leads to utterly resilient immortality and super powers, powers which would easily protect you from any accident you can imagine. Aliens simply do not crash-land on Earth, there are no secret advanced propulsion systems, no magic technology retrieved from extraterrestrial vehicles, which global governments are refusing to disseminate. The Illuminati are not in contact with aliens.

Aliens are merely a new religion, they are a new God identical to all the other non-existent Gods who, for some utterly inexplicable reason, refuse to communicate in a sensible way, but an absence of sensible communication is not actually inexplicable, the answer is simple, there is a good reason why aliens can’t communicate sensibly: THEY DON’T EXIST ON EARTH! They don’t visit us, although maybe they do exist. Apparently, so I have been informed, aliens are not actually elusive, you simply need to know the technique (archived) regarding how to contact them. It’s a shame aliens don’t use email, or Twitter, which would be be a lot easier. Surely aliens could set-up a website?


Sadly the existence of UFO theories or news is prolific, seemingly endless. Perhaps if you fortunately avoid the coming deluge of Sirius videos you will sadly encounter other alien nonsense at some point in our idiotic pre-Singularity future.

What precisely does our future hold? Maybe idiocy will be eternal? Perhaps aliens really are morons, maybe the Singularity cannot cure stupidity. I often wonder if humans can ever be truly intelligent. Perhaps humans are so stupid they will somehow always be immune to the Singularity, thus perhaps aliens are also irredeemable fools utterly immune to the intelligence explosion, maybe the universe will always remain utterly dumb. What do you think? Are you excited about the forthcoming Sirius documentary? Are aliens and the universe immune to the Singularity?

The only possible way to explain aliens in the context we are considering is if the aliens are total morons. If aliens truly existed in their current state, where they visit Earth secretly, they would need to exceptionally stupid, improbably stupid, so stupid they can’t perform basic tasks such as flying a spaceship. I don’t however think aliens are utter imbeciles. I think there is a simpler explanation, a more rational theory. Aliens do not visit Earth either via controlled or crash landings. The problem resides wholly with humans who believe aliens are secretly visiting Earth. The problem is regarding scarcity, which sometimes causes humans to believe in wild fantasies. Scarcity can cause a desperate type of thinking, a cultural type of thinking tentatively addressed in the book: “Neuroscience, Psychology, and Religion: Illusions, Delusions, and Realities about Human Nature.” Aliens simply are not secretly visiting us to experiment on us or guide our evolution, they definitely don’t foolishly crash their ships.

Roswell Incident

To summarise and conclude this article regarding belief in alien technology on Earth, it is vital to mention Roswell, specifically Philip J. Corso who wrote “The Day After Roswell.” Note how the Guardian newspaper cited and listed at number eight The Day After Roswell, regarding its 2001 list of top ten literary hoaxes. It would be wrong to think the Guardian assertion of a hoax is sufficient refutation of Corso’s views. We therefore need to look at the logic of Corso’s assertions to glean a full refutation. Before we delve into what Corso actually asserted it’s important to consider how Philip’s son has continued in his father’s footsteps.

Philip Corso Jr. states the Roswell craft was actually a time machine containing human AIs from our future. Time travel raises many interesting questions. A key question is how to spatially locate a historic instance of Earth. Our solar system travels at approximately 52,000 mph through Space, which in addition to the speed of planetary rotation (1,000 mph) makes spatial location tricky, thus travelling in time requires precise travel at great distances in Space because Earth from 35 years ago is approximately 159 billion miles away from our current position.

27 minutes into the 2004 X-Conference Philip Corso Jr. explains how remote viewing is the solution to the spatial problem of time travel. So you see advanced alien level technology, from crash-landed ships on Earth, quickly leads into pseudo-science (paranormal remote viewing). If these advanced aliens are capable of remote viewing and time travel, surely they could have teleported out of their ship, via paranormal methods, before they crashed?

Now let’s consider the views of Corso senior. Various sources summarise The Day After Roswell similarly to this quote: “Colonel Corso tells that there were five extraterrestrials, 4-1/2 feet tall with greyish-brown skin, four-fingered hands and oversized hairless heads, found at the Roswell UFO crash site, two of them still alive. One tried to run away and was shot by nervous soldiers.” Likewise various commentators typically relate how multiple technologies, very advanced at the time, were supposedly gleaned from the spaceship, technologies such as fiber optics, lasers, night-vision equipment, super-tenacity fibers (such as Kevlar plastic armor), stealth aircraft technology, and Star Wars particle-beam devices.

Stealth technology and particle beam devices seem to imply an awareness of conflict. I’m certain all intelligent beings during the earlier stages of their evolution will experience conflict due to scarcity, but if for some reason intelligent aliens are utterly unaware-naive regarding conflict, despite developing stealth technology and particle beam devices, I am sure their intelligence would at least allow them to deduce other beings could be hostile. Considering the inevitable alien awareness of potentially hostile humans, why were the Roswell aliens, one of whom was shot by nervous soldiers, not wearing body armour based on their “super-tenacity fibers (such as Kevlar plastic armor),” technology which humans gleaned from their ship?

It seems such a simple matter for technologically advanced aliens, possibly with time travel ability, to quickly 3D-print advanced Kevlar type armour able to protect them from human bullets. If aliens can travel light years through Space surely they have the intelligence to wear some Kevlar armour, surely they had a multi-purpose printer on their ship? Considering hypothetical alien technology and intelligence, it is extremely odd that one of the supposed Roswell aliens “…tried to run away and was shot by nervous soldiers.” Surely the alien would have been wearing full body armour? Surely it could have set its particle beam technology, phasers, to stun? It seems if the Roswell aliens did exist they were spectacularly inept, utter morons.

Is a surreptitious dissemination of Roswell technology really responsible for our current level of progress? Or were the seeds of progress already sown before Roswell? In 1936 Alan Turing wrote a paper “On Computable Numbers,” which was essentially a blueprint for creating a digital electronic computer, thus Turing’s later paper in 1950 titled “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” was entirely expected, definitely not surprising. Turning’s 1950 paper doesn’t seem to be the product of the alleged 1947 Roswell Incident. Prior to the Roswell incident there are many other indicators demonstrating how our current level of tech is purely due to human ingenuity. The entirety of human progress can easily be explained by our human ability to think, our ability to reason.

So what did happen at Roswell? In 2007 the Daily Mail wrote about how Lieutenant Walter Hau released a sworn affidavit, opened after his death. His affidavit asserts “…the weather balloon claim was a cover story, and that the real object had been recovered by the military and stored in a hangar. He described seeing not just the craft, but alien bodies.” If bodies were recovered it is very likely the alien bodies were the result of top secret human military experimentation. The alleged aliens demonstrated all the signs of being very dumb, thus they wore no Kevlar body armour (despite possessing the technology), they had no energy weapons to defend themselves from being shot (despite possessing the technology), they didn’t use robots, and they crashed their ship contrary to their supposedly super advanced (light-year travelling) technology.

Roswell could have been an early attempt to use monkeys for Space flight research. Officially monkeys were used by the US government during 1948-1961, approximately, thus it’s reasonable to assume the Roswell aliens were actually monkeys, partaking in early unofficial tests. Perhaps during gestation, the monkeys had been altered via hormones or other chemicals. Note the squirrel monkey named “Miss Baker” prior to her 1959 Space launch, via a Jupiter missile, she already looks very alien without any medical tampering. Perhaps if Miss Baker’s fur was shaved off she would be a perfect Grey? All the evidence regarding aliens indicates aliens have no greater intelligence than monkeys. Maybe aliens are sending their version of monkeys on test flights, but surely super advanced aliens could invent very competent robots? Why would aliens send manned or aped missions?

There are already many examples of humans creating reasonably skilled robots and we don’t yet have the technology to travel one light year. Surely it would be more sensible for aliens to send robots, which they could operate via virtual reality, similar to how the army is regularly using drones?

There is also a possibility the Roswell Incident was a Soviet PSYOP, according to Annie Jacobsen in her book “Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base.” Jacobsen claims the alien survivors at Roswell were human children, surgically altered via the assistance of Mengele, intended to create an Orson Welles War of the Worlds type of confusion. Bloomberg reported in 2011 regarding Jacobsen’s view: “The craft, she writes, wasnít an alien spaceship, as many have since theorized, nor was it a weather balloon, as the U.S. military alleged in its clumsy cover story. It was, according to Jacobsen, a Nazi-inspired Soviet spy plane with Cyrillic letters embossed on the hull, crewed by malformed adolescents, two of whom survived the crash.” NPR reported on Jacobson’s views by noting how the Atomic Energy Commission, the Department of Defense, and the CIA all used Area 51 “…to conduct controversial and secretive research on aircraft and pilot-related projects, including planes that traveled three times faster than the speed of sound and nuclear-propelled, space-based missile launch systems.”

Considering the nature of military testing I think US test-pilot monkeys are the most plausible explanation for Roswell. The assertion of a soviet PSYOP could be more disinformation, on top of the weather balloon story, intended to conceal how the US acquired Third Reich aerospace engineers Walter and Reimar Horten regarding a “flying disk,” which the Horten brothers allegedly created. It is unclear whether or not the Horton brothers really assisted the US government but Operation Paperclip clearly shows the US did recruit at least some Nazi engineers and scientists after the war. Whatever happened at Roswell is certainly nothing to do with real aliens. Perhaps Roswell was a US PSYOP regarding a precursor aspect of MK-Ultra, perhaps the intention was to create a new religion for people who refuse to worship traditional Gods, thus the worship and obsession with aliens was born, which thereby stops people thinking about real issues, issues which The Power Elite don’t want you to think about, issues of wealth inequality, namely the inevitable control, constriction of freedom, which scarcity entails.

When the Sirius disclosure happens on 22 April you can be totally confident you aren’t seeing an actual tiny alien being dissected. You are either witnessing a PSYOP; an aspect of human on human genetic experimentation (chimeras, transgenic animals, improperly discarded research, or a creature escaped from the lab); a natural (or contaminant) related birth defect pertaining to a miscarried human foetus; a prank; or a prop from a film set; definitely not aliens.

The only way to actually acquire sophisticated alien technology is to create it ourselves via solid investment in tangible research not via attempts to uncover ludicrous and non-existent alien conspiracies. The Singularity is an explosion of technology regarding exponential growth. Evidence clearly shows the rate of technological progress speeds up when a specific level of proficiency is attained. We are only beginning to grasp how technology is noticeably accelerating. Relatively soon everyone everyone will comprehend how we will see at least 20,000 years worth of progress during this century, based in the 2001 rate, instead of a mere 100 years of progress, thus no later than 2045 than there will be an intelligence explosion leaving an utterly indelible mark on the universe. Humans and aliens alike will cease to be hindered by stupidity when the Singularity happens. Don’t waste your time on alien nonsense, think about something intelligent instead: Singularity 2045.

I realise the topic of aliens can be a passionate and perhaps delicate issue. I am not maliciously trying to destroy belief in aliens. I have been blogging since 2010 and my purpose is always to increase human intelligence via food for thought. Living in our pre-Singularity world of deficient intelligence is very difficult for me. Within the everyday mechanisms of our world the daily lack of intelligence is something I find excruciatingly painful. My life is a great burden therefore I would be grateful if you could try to be sensitive regarding any objections towards my viewpoint. If, due to the burdens of my existence, my blunt expressions appear callous, please forgive me. I bare you no ill will. I’m not trying to antagonize you, I actually want to edify you but I fear I need lessons in diplomacy. I am merely trying to increase human intellectualism via looking at issues from an alternate viewpoint.

Hopefully I can convince you aliens capable of travelling to Earth wouldn’t idiotically crash their ships, neither would they stupidly give their technology solely to the Illuminati, neither would they have a senseless need for secrecy. Aliens capable of travelling to Earth would not be morons. I hope you will see how the only way to make our world a better place is via the scarcity-eliminating Singularity, the intelligence explosion.

For Singularity relevant news or to help accelerate the Singularity, please follow SINGULARITY 2045 on Google+.

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  1. Keyne Aqua says:

    With the touchy topic of UFOs, I think there are only a few things we can know for certain and even they will be debated endlessly.

    We know that a certain percentage of those who call themselves skeptics are in fact debunkers. It is their mission in life to debunk any and all UFO claims. To them, facts and research are irrelevant. They are protecting a world view in which any nonhuman intelligence does not exist and/or may exist some where very far away from here. And if they have to prove that black is white and white is black and the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, they will. Swamp gas explains everything.

    We know that there is an amazing double standard when it comes to UFO testimony. It’s to the point that a decorated air force pilot, if that person is at a murder scene, can almost send someone to death row on eye witness testimony alone. Put the exact same person at a UFO site, and the testimony become unreliable for a dozen different and asinine reasons.

    From the Freedom of Information Act requests, and the tens of thousands of pages, if not hundreds of thousands of pages leveraged out of the government in this way, we can see three things. There has been, and continues to be, high level official interest in the UFO phenomenon since FDR. There has been and continues to be official secrecy around everything to do with the UFO phenomenon, including that interest. And there is a program of disinformation, ridicule, and debunking to cover up any and all interest. I’d say this program has worked so well, that it’s become a cultural meme and requires very little government involvement at this point. Self-anointed debunkers and the sneering news media keep the topic from the front pages of the world, no government intervention needed.

    • Singularity Utopia says:

      I have no problems with aliens existing somewhere in the universe. My issue is that they are simply not intelligent enough to reach Earth yet, they are not yet technologically advanced. Compared to humans aliens are at a similar or lesser level of technological advancement. In this article I highlight the incongruity of the intelligence needed to possess highly advanced technology combined with the blatant stupidity of aliens who moronically crash their ships, or they play silly and very elusive communication games where their communicativeness resembles messages from God.

      The fallacy of aliens visiting Earth is clear. Alien visitation is clearly a human wish not based upon reality, thus people attribute human intelligence (stupidity) to technologically advanced aliens. Supporters of alien visitation forget to apply greater intelligence to aliens, a type of intelligence inevitably resulting from greater technology, thus the erroneous falsehood of aliens moronically bestowing their technology occurs, either via accident or design, to secretive and corrupt humans leaders, or the aliens randomly crash land in a moronic way incongruous with their intelligent technology.

      The scientists investigating the alien in the Sirius documentary has now concluded the so-called “alien” is actually human in origin, it is merely a mutated human. I mentioned in the article how the “alien” could be humans experimenting on humans, and I also mentioned natural mutation.

      This is the first alien skepticism or debunking article I have written. I don’t have a compelling need to debunk aliens, similarly I don’t have a need to debunk God, but when the level of alien or God supporters impinges significantly upon my life, when religious people reach a point of unbearable proselytizing, I will be moved occasionally to respond regarding their attempts to push their flawed ideologies into my life. Criticism of aliens similar to my atheism is merely my response to what is essentially recruitment into a cult. God and aliens are irrational cults, which I reject.

  2. Singularity Utopia says:

    Huffington Post reported (04/23/2013) the alien is human:

    “In fact, the film, which premiered Monday in Hollywood, features a scientist who concluded the little humanoid was human.”

    “But now that the film is available to everybody, and DNA analysis shows that Ata was human, was that early PR hype about the humanoid a bit premature?”

    “Will the public be disappointed or relieved that Ata has so far been classified as human?”

    • Singularity Utopia says:

      Daily Mail also reports the alien is a human (24 April 2013):

      “Now scientists have carried out conclusive DNA tests which have found the remains are those of a mutated human”

  3. matt says:

    I remain undecided on alien visitation, just as this article remains a long winded, closed minded pile of rubbish.

  4. Sam says:

    I believe a lot of people will have a very rude awakening one day about all of this, coming from the perspective of one who has had several encounters over the past 20 years. cheers

  5. Luvoz says:

    You must feel very important thinking we are the only ones in the universe, believe me, they are real and are visiting us here on earth. It is blatantly obvious something is happening, or are thousands of people worldwide seeing their imagination myself included. ive seen a ‘ufo’ , same one twice on two separate days and i know exactly what I saw. Pull your head out of your arse and open your eyes.

  6. Beaux M says:

    Your article is entirely speculation. Most discussions on these topics are. And it seems to be based on the assumption that life, once intelligent, would find it necessary to “spread THE word” to other forms of life. Because that’s what you would do (apparently you speak for the entire collective of planet earth also). So that being said, explain the logistics behind my questions. 1. The modern world finds a tribe in the amazon. Untouched by the current technological revolution that has reached the rest of the known world. The government then chooses to leave said tribe alone, as not to disturb the natural order of things. Someone may make a brief appearance. The tribe then never sees that or any other none native person again. The government places a ban that says until the tribe ventures into modern society themselves, they are to be left alone. This has happened in history, so why not in the alien/human situation. 2. You say, “If they crashed, which is an incident their inevitable AI-systems would actually never allow to happen, their inevitable crash protection devices, or their self-repair mechanisms, would ensure no harm whatsoever comes to their ships or themselves, they would definitely not be captured by a technologically primitive race of beings.” In response I say, don’t humans, the most technologically superior species on our planet, still have accidents? Didn’t Steve Irwin get killed by a sting ray? Wasn’t a tiger trainer mauled by his own tiger? Accidents happen in dangerous situations. Space will inevitably be more dangerous than anything humans have encountered to date. So why would aliens not be entitled to a few mistakes and mishaps? 3. “Sufficiently advanced technology quickly leads to utterly resilient immortality and super powers, powers which would easily protect you from any accident you can imagine.” While I agree that advanced technology may lead to advanced bodily protection, I disagree that all aliens will have attained immortality. Any intelligent race will quickly realize that to live forever causes some problems. If this were true, the universe could potentially over populate with one or two species, impeding the growth of all other life forms throughout the universe. The other scenario is that immortality freezes the biological evolution of life. This would inevitably cause the brain to stop evolving, thus impeding technological advancement. Leading to no singularity event. Any intelligent life will quickly realize that death is just as much part of life as living. And these are just two scenarios out of an infinite number of scenarios. 4. “Living in our pre-Singularity world of deficient intelligence is very difficult for me. Within the everyday mechanisms of our world the daily lack of intelligence is something I find excruciatingly painful.” All this says to me is you find it difficult to live amongst us idiots who don’t understand the singularity. If you are so intelligent, why do you find it hard to use proper grammar/spelling? Surely a being as intelligent as you who understand all there is to know about the future of intelligence would possess the ability to form basic sentence structures. Furthermore, you say that this “inevitable singularity” will understand that there exists no race, sexual orientation, or other discriminatory genres. You yourself called the hypothetical aliens who crashed “retarded”… a mentally challenged retard. So clearly even if there was an upcoming singularity event, how would a discriminatory person like you understand that it was coming? No offense. 5. Ergo, it is apparent to me that any degenerate ignoramus with a gargantuan collective of comparatively implicit, dissimilarly syntaxed words and the capacity to reorganize letters can compose a scientific editorial that embraces multi-syllabic terms. I.e., Seems to me any “moron” with a thesaurus and the ability to spell can write an article with big words. I know I go from questions to statements, but ignorance to the simple fact that we don’t know what our future holds is frustrating. Aliens could exist. They may not. Singularity might happen. It may not. The are an infinite number of possibilities, and the universe holds an infinite number of places for those possibilities to occur in. Just let it happen man, and leave the conspiracy theories of others alone. Stick to trying to find evidentiary support and logic for your own theory. It’s definitely lacking.

  7. I think this article and its author are symptoms of a wider problem that science and the scientifically minded often suffer from these days and I think have suffered from in the past. That is to try to consider that everything that is not explainable according to currently accepted theories of physics, science or conventional evidence and beliefs is flat out impossible. However, looking back in history we have seen our view of how the universe works constantly evolving, not quite gradually but in paradigm shifts like those given to us by Copernicus, Newton, Darwin, Einstein. Mostly ridiculed and going through Gandhi’s four stages (ignoring them, laughing at them, fighting them and then every scientist saying they agreed with them all along). I think I am getting the impression that the author believes we now know, or are looking for the answer, to everything that there is to know about life, the universe and everything, that we have hit a brick wall, theoretical physicists will be out of a job in a few decades because we will know everything about well…everything.

    The author does not have as open a mind, as a writer on science should about how the universe works. He states flat out that God or some higher supernatural power does not exist; the most fundamental principle of research is that you cannot prove a negative, just because there is no evidence (in the belief of the author) for a god. That is like the author saying that there is not a pink elephant wearing a fez in the home next door, just because he has not detected the said elephant. If the author does not believe that there is the said elephant next door then the author is himself exhibiting a kind of belief equivalent to those shown by Christians who worship what is in their opinion God, there is no hard scientific evidence that god exists as there is no evidence for the elephant not existing.

    The person who wrote the article is suggesting that since some of the stories about aliens have details that does not exhibit creatures acting perfectly logically (according to the personally adopted standards of the author) when they would be using the technology that the author believes that the entities would have at the period in their history that the author believes that they are in (three huge leaps of faith). The author is also making a huge leap of faith (no pun intended by the way) believing that she or he knows every single facet about alien psychology, social psychology and behaviour and that if the acts of the alleged aliens do not match exactly how her or his own personal actions would be if he had access to what in his or her belief would be the technologies that they had access to in again his or her belief are other huge leaps-of-faith. These are three religious beliefs about alien technology and society akin to a belief in an all powerful big fella in the sky with a white bushy beard wearing a toga and sandals. This religious belief in the knowledge of how any hypothetical alien intelligent being displays emotions and reacts to situations, coupled with the strong and strident statements about the idiotic fallacy of any beliefs to the contrary to his or her own (though denied later on) should be ridiculed. The most religious person writing on this page was the article author (a self proclaimed atheist), and his beliefs border on the fanatical. I do have a degree in psychology and the repeated statements debunking belief in aliens shows a passion bordering on religiosity. Please for your own sake all of you, have an open mind. Everyone should who is involved in true science. We all have beliefs (I probably more then most), but we are not infinitely sure of anything in the entire universe, or even if there is a universe at all. When you hear someone say something as outlandish as ancient aliens helped build the pyramids at Giza, you can have beliefs but you cannot say that they are flat out slander and be bordering in the insulting in doing so. One of my “beliefs” is that the ideas of ancient aliens are a load of complete and utter bollocks, just as I will say that I believe that the house next door does not have a giant pink elephant wearing a fez in the basement. But in spite of my belief I will not be insulting enough to put down those that do believe in it because of their scientific research or observations or claim to have evidence to the contrary of my own.

  8. BingBing40 says:

    I think you bring up some very interesting points here. The idea that these aliens would just nakedly wander out and try to run away from armed aliens, even though they’re part of an advanced society fully wrapped up in the singularity, it’s very stupid.

    HOWEVER, just as much as claiming something like “OMG lights it must be Aliens” is a silly assumption, so too is making broad assumptions about this advanced society. You’re making assumptions about the singularity and leaning on it as a given, as though we know exactly what it means, but the truth is that we don’t know everything about what that will mean. We can’t just rely on assumptions, about the singularity, OR about what their culture will be like. Who says that ALL members of their culture will be geniuses who can build spaceships?

    What I’m getting at is that we can’t just make assumptions. Assumptions close us off to thinking outside the box, limit our ideas. Who says that the Roswell ship wasn’t a prison ship carrying criminals, leaving them unarmed and naked? Who says it wasn’t an ambulance? Or that the pilots weren’t children?

    I’m not saying those are more likely than it being a monkey test flight (which seems most likely), but you’re really closing off a lot of possibilities in favor of claiming solid knowledge or every detail of the singularity.

    I’m very skeptical of this movie, “Sirius”, but I think we can’t assume anything when it comes to trying to find what’s out there. I mean who knows, right? I found a site where you can pre-order the movie, if you’re interested in checking it out at least. I agree that skepticism is always best, but I’m not gonna pick one theory over another without at least giving the evidence a nice listen. You can pre-order the doc here apparently:

  9. Donte says:

    Ok, that was a very long read… I value and accept skepticism, but what this artical portrayed, was nothing more than opinions projecting ignorance and a blatant lack of tolerance. To simply assume there is no way Extraterrestrials could exist – much less on an intellectual level – merely because they may differ from your limited perception of what is considered “intelligence”, is nothing short of absurd and narrow-minded. You clearly show little respect and lack of curtousy towards the possible existence of Extraterrestrials. When you stated : “I think aliens are utterly non-existent excrement.” it led me to conclude that this article is nothing that reflects any sort of appreciation on the subject, which is most distasteful. This article was truly an eyesore.

  10. VovixLDR says:

    To say that “cult of aliens” is merely local and temporal anthropocentrism is to say nothing. All properties of aliens in such pop fantasies are always limited by the following:
    1. Authors’ and audience’s own imaginations of how advanced technologies would look like.
    2. Authors’ and audience’s own imaginations about immanent limitations of technology (e. g. crash rate) independent of its advancement.
    3. Authors’ and audience’s own assumptions of how humans would behave if they had vast technological resources and power (i. e. “evil Illuminati” fantasies).
    4. Authors’ and audience’s own assumptions about “good” and “evil” and their relations with technology and intelligence (e. g. they often assume that highly-cyborgized, robotized, genetically self-improved “race” of aliens is evil per se).
    5. Authors’ and audience’s own assumptions about economy, energy and resources (e. g. as in “Phantom” movie where aliens go many lightyears to steal Earth’s… power capacity – and the audience doesn’t feel this is total BS).
    6. Authors’ and audience’s own assumptions about science (the “ivory tower” myth), religion and history.

    What this “alien cult of fear” actually is, is today’s Luddism, a kind of purely irrational fundamentalism in the time when even organized religions fell the need for change and try to evolve. An attempt to turn the whole Earth into a kind of N. Korea or. I. A. Yefremov’s Tormans (from “The Bull’s Hour”), spreading seeds of paranoia about anything external to our planet, our time, our current culture, our current nature and our current limitations.

  11. Ivy says:

    “All technology is all very much interconnected thus medieval knights don’t invent, stumble upon, cures for cancer without first inventing-discovering x-rays, microscopes, computers etc.”
    That is a completely illogical argument. If you meant surgical procedures to remove tumors your argument would be slightly more plausible (see historical records for trepanation). I get what you are trying to say, in general, in your article but your reasoning is murky. You are of course just offering your opinions but statements like this: “thus given the blatant stupidity regarding all the alleged alien encounters on Earth, we must conclude aliens are not actually visiting Earth because they are clearly too stupid to do so.” I don’t want to defending the alien hypothesis but your argument is ridiculous. Perhaps you should talk to Edgar Mitchell and tell him how stupid he is. You come across as fearful and ignorant (uneducated) of your subject. You have brought in to many ideas that you haven’t learned to control.
    To singularity: As humans become more reliant and intertwined with machines it becomes harder and harder to predict the future of humanity. If there comes a point when machines get to a level where they seek their own path to knowledge, what standards will they establish for right and wrong; will the concept of right and wrong continue to exist.
    You throw out the idea of religion as an indicator of weakness that cloud thinking but the real weakness in any intellectual exercise is in lack of creative thinking. Einstein stated his unease with quantum mechanics by saying ” God doesn’t play dice…” He didn’t like the idea but as far as I can tell he didn’t refer to any ideas he didn’t like as stupid. And now you rise up to the lofty challenge of confronting ideas that make you uneasy by saying things you don’t understand are stupid.
    Therefore your whole article comes across as…

    • Singularity Utopia says:

      LOL Ivy 😀

      I am not uneasy, fearful, ignorant, or uneducated regarding the idea of aliens. I wouldn’t bat and eyelid if aliens wanted to abduct me, I would find it highly amusing. If the aliens wanted to end their secretive hiding then that would be great; similarly it would be great if God could perform a few miracles to make our lives better but God or aliens don’t really exist. I would love it if God actually existed because I could then ask him-her-it for access to super-advanced technology, which would allow me and others to take a very rapid R&D short-cut towards vastly improving our lives via technology. God could stop people being killed or maimed if God existed.

      Very possibly I am stupid because human intelligence is a new phenomenon thus the most intelligent humans do not have a utterly tenacious grasp on brainpower, which means the smartest humans are capable of occasional stupidity, which I think is the case regarding Edgar Mitchell relating to his notions about aliens. Likewise if Einstein is too intellectually timid to precisely explain his ideas regarding why he dislikes things, which means he fails to deem his dislikeable ideas stupid, then I’d say that aspect of Einstein is stupid. I think there is a misplaced sense of political correctness, misguided etiquette, which prevents people being lucid about brainpower, or lack of brains, in themselves or others. Time will tell whether or not I was wrong or right. We shall see.

      Human intelligence is very rudimentary, we are akin to children who have recently learned to walk thus we often fall, we graze our knees. Within any beings who have evolved sufficient technology to travel light years, I am utterly certain, based on mere logic, all aspects of their technology will have evolved reasonably uniformly thus the aliens will be very technologically accomplished in all areas of technology, which means they will have a very mature type of intelligence, they won’t, metaphorically, be faffing around, stumbling reminiscent of toddlers, arguing about same sex marriage, equal rights for women, or the existence of God.

      Looking at all forms of primitive surgery by humans, we see how there are no great leaps ahead, look at the entire history of technology. All cures are dependent upon the overall level of technology, generally. Yes there are slight leaps forward such as chewing on willow bark to cure a headache, perhaps, but it is simply impossible to jump significantly far ahead regarding surgery, or any other technological field, without all other areas of technology progressing. You can’t jump from performing surgery without aesthetic, ignorant of anaesthetic, or antibiotics, to growing organs via the patient’s own stem cells seeded on a 3D-printed bio-scaffold for transplantation, thus any aliens able to travel light years in a spaceship will certainly be an intellectually mature species, highly accomplished in all areas of technology, they will not be morons with very primitive technology simultaneously existing alongside super-advanced inventions.

      I do get it, I do understand the alien hope, it is like hoping you will win the lottery, it is the hope of a rapid short-cut to ease your troubles, sadly the hope is unreal, it is a waste of time and energy.

      I don’t think it becomes harder and harder to predict the future as humans become more and more entwined with machines. I think the future becomes easier and easier to understand in sync with increasing intelligence, the obstacle to our understanding is a lack of intelligence, thus our approach to the Singularity will be marked by greater understanding. Machines will have the same values of right and wrong which humans have, but there is often a misconception in futurism, which states humans and machines are totally different. Humans are actually machines, but we are made from biological parts instead of metal parts. There will be no us and them in the future. All intelligent beings will have the same values, we will be logical because intelligence is the same thing for all beings.

      I have a great abundance of creative thinking. Don’t make the mistake of thinking creativity means a willingness to believe in implausible theories.

      • Ivy says:

        When i first started reading your reply I thought “well, we are just seeing things differently.”
        But as I read on I returned to my previous assessment of your writing.
        You totally lost me towards the end of your reply when you said “There will be no us and them in the future. All intelligent beings will have the same values, we will be logical because intelligence is the same thing for all beings.”
        Now I just think your are naive; logical? to whom? What? That statement doesn’t actually mean anything. It sounds clever but I am LOL dude.
        PS I am not defending Alien visitation. I am stating that your one size fits all answers are overly simplistic.
        Maybe you should start from the beginning, h ere is a good article:

        • Singularity Utopia says:

          Dear Ivy, the logic of 2+2=4 is the same for all beings, which is metaphor to illustrate intelligence is the same regardless of variations in biology or evolution. With greater intelligence comes greater logic, our lives become more logical because we base our existence on thinking. Thinking transcends the superficialities of the biology housing our intelligence, thus humans are able to see how it does not matter if a thinker is a man, woman, black, white, or alien. The ability to think logically allows us to see how all living beings are the same regardless of biology or regales of being artificially created. Any being endowed with life will have a concept of pain and pleasure (survival), thus all intelligent beings are the same because we all have the same drives, we want to survive. The superficial differences are irrelevant.

          I had already seen the article about life allegedly originating billions of years before Earth. If it is true then I have no problem with it, it simply means intelligent life did not evolve before humans. If lifeforms really have a five billion year head start on humans do you really think we wouldn’t notice those lifeforms if they evolved intelligence? The absence of five billion year old intelligent beings indicates they don’t exist, intelligence didn’t actually evolve five billion year before the creation of Earth. We are not talking about intelligent life evolving five billion years before the creation of Earth, we are talking about Earth being seeded by primitive organisms originating in Space somewhere beyond Earth, protected via vacuum on their journey here possibly by naturally occurring nano-shields.

          Note recent research causing NBC to write, regarding primitive lifeforms being bombarded with electrons to create a nano-film covering their skin: “These newly developed “nano-suits” could help biologists investigate creatures in exquisite detail in a vacuum that would normally kill the animals. The discovery might even suggest alien life could survive journeys through space, researchers speculated.” And: “The researchers noted that outer space is filled with electrons and plasma. As such, one might speculate that life that got blasted off the surface of a planet into space might conceivably develop protective nano-suits when exposed to such radiation, helping protect them against a vacuum, Hariyama said.”

          Did you actually read the io9 article you cited Ivy? Note this quote based upon the cited theory: “…intelligent life has just begun appearing in our universe.” It is stating humans are the pinnacle of intelligence, we are the most intelligent life-forms, thus aliens with greater intelligence than ours do not exist.

          • Ivy says:

            I was hoping you would see something this: “Arguments for or against a trend in the evolution of complexity are weakened by the lack of an unambiguous definition of complexity. Such definitions abound for both dynamical systems and biological organisms, but have drawbacks of either a conceptual or a practical nature.”
            Did you see the word stupid or moronic in there anywhere? In the whole article not one idea is presented as being stupid or idiotic.
            Why do continue to suggest I am defending the Alien Hypothesis? I am beginning to think I am debating a 14 year old. If so, good on you.

  12. Thomas Watts says:

    You have a massive logical error embedded here; the idea that technological progress continues at a rapid pace indefinitely. Just because the curve of our technological achievement is currently advancing at a faster-than-exponential rate, does not mean that the curve will not ultimately be sigmoidal, with the slope eventually falling well below 1. We may not run into physical limits to advancement of knowledge for hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of years, but any likely hypothetical technological alien civilization would likely be millions of years old; if the curve of tech progress is sigmoidal, they may be in a phase of the curve so late, that their progress rate approaches zero. Their technology may not change much in 35 years, or in 5000.

    Yes, alien cults and the simulation hypothesis bear marks of being religions. So does singularitarianism.

    BTW, while adding mention of remote viewing to a conspiracy story does increase what might be called the “goofball factor”, this does not make remote viewing a pseudoscience. There are some very serious scientists who take the subject seriously. I think dismissing it out of hand is very ignorant.

    That said, when dealing with certain subjects, there is always a possibility of psyop when government interests are involved. Deterrence is the creation in an enemy of the fear to attack; creating disinformation about certain subjects increases uncertainty in your opponents, which may help create in them the fear to attack. It may also lead them to waste billions of dollars in development of technological blind alleys.

    What would create more uncertainty in an enemy than to make them think you may have technologies that would make you unbeatable in war? Making an enemy think you have technology that can deliver weapons instantly, undetected to anyplace on earth would fit this bill; so would making someone think you have psychics that can locate all your nuclear submarines making them vulnerable to attack, or who can make the guidance systems of your missiles fail in flight, or can make the brains of your political leaders explode like “Scanners.”

    Conversely, if you DO possess highly advanced technologies, they would of course be the highest possible military secret, so spending a few hundred thousand, or a few million bucks spreading multiple cover stories discrediting that claim, would be cheap insurance to create maximum confusion in the enemy.

    No wonder the state of knowledge on these subjects resembles nothing so much as a disinformation matrix.

    • Singularity Utopia says:

      Dear Thomas Watts. Some allegedly serious scientists may think remote viewing is feasible but nevertheless remote viewing is deemed pseudo-science by the majority of scientists.

      I am aware some people ineptly try to classify the Singularity as a religion, thus I do from time to time encounter that assertion, but to avoid argument let’s ignore the Singularity for the time being, let’s assume progress is linear or that perhaps progress stops totally, let’s assume the Singularity will never happen or is impossible.

      If the technological progress of ancient aliens is static, their light-year capable technology inevitably entails a degree of sophistication, a degree of intelligence incompatible with mortality or crash landings. There is no logical explanation for aliens crashing or dying on Earth in relation to the intelligence needed to operate such craft, or the inherent intelligence embedded in such craft (light-year capable ships), thus we can safely conclude aliens don’t actually visit Earth.

      • To say that advanced technology leads to immortality that would prevent host-body failure in the case of a crash is pure delusion.
        There is no evidence that nanobots or w/e will ever be able to rebuild or reconstruct human bodies.
        Absolutely all things come to an end, even stars, and atoms, which are the most stable things in the universe.

        There is however a well designed system amongst greys for managing host-body failure, and that is simply to have lots of back-ups, i.e. growing more bodies in vats. They are mostly clones anyways except for their hybrid program, so the interface is very similar.

        At a certain point of technological advancement, due to expanding brain size, spiritual, mental and other things intangible to small minded organisms become of greater importance.

        Sure we may have a different route to advancement, perhaps due to our smaller brains, and greater reliance on technology. However that doesn’t mean all other beings should be judged by our notoriously fallible predictions of ourselves in the future.

        In fact it’s somewhat laughable that you say we’ve progressed a lot from the 70’s, when in fact the vast majority of our technology has stayed very stagnant,
        i.e. same cars, furniture, buildings, books and general scenery.
        The only changes have been improvements in communication technology due to computing power, which has already reached a practical limit in terms of single-core speed.

        In larger brained organisms like Greys for instance, much of this communication technology has advanced to the point where it is mostly telepathic, it’s hard to imagine a quicker communication technology interface, so it would be quite logical to assume that’s about as far as it goes.

        • isioisi says:

          Awestruck is a word too lightly used, but in this case, I find it appropriate.

          Firstly, you seem to believe that a logical counterpoint to an argument involving nanotechnology is that there is no evidence to support regeneration of human bodies. Sure, I can accept this. THis is because at best, the vast majority of what we anticipate this field of science may be capable of is purely that. Speculation.

          However, you immediately follow up your point with the assertation that ‘greys’ have an established cloning and/or hybrid program.

          Now we’re going to pause and reflect on this statement. You claim knowledge, and furthermore, evidence of aliens, their technology, their physical appearance and neurochemical makeup.

          Astounding. Would you please share your evidence with us? I’m sure the rest of the scientific community would be incredibly interested in this.

          And technological stagnation? Can you make any more of a fool of yourself? Your implied knowledge of aliens heightening your delusion aside, how can you possibly think that we’ve not had any advancements.

          THe first inkjet printer, gene splicing, MRI machines, cellphones, personal computers, artificial hearts, hybrid engines, battery storage, the internet.

          To say that computing technology has only ‘improved’ since the 70’s is more than laughable. It’s worthy of public ricicule. Literally every aspect of your life that involves any method of computers is a direct result of the very first steps taken in that era with the microprocessor.

          Seeing as how every other point you’ve made in your completely insane reply is based on misinformed personal opinion, delusions of assumed knowledge about aliens or completely incorrect facts about the processing speed of bleeding edge chipsets, leads me to conclusion that you are either

          a) Terminally misinformed


          b) Purposefully trolling

          For your own sake, I sincerely hope it is the latter. If not, you are the very kind of person who poses a threat to our society, mindlessly accepting anything thrown at you with no question.

  13. Ivy says:

    Although there are some interesting points in your article your views on the ET visitation hypothesis is , to use your language, idiocy. While I think the Rosewell ‘story’ is so confused at this point that the truth may never be known, to suggest there were monkeys that crashed in an experimental craft is be down right stupid and completely uniformed. And not to thwart your efforts to be more diplomatic but using the words idiocy,idiotic, etc. to describe views different than your own is to be blunt, idiotic. But to your intended (?) point, the singularity is coming with or without help from ET. in the mean time I suggest you pick a topic you have researched before using it has material for an article.

    • Singularity Utopia says:

      Dear Ivy. Monkey pilots is a more plausible scenario than actual intelligent aliens. Or perhaps the Soviet PSYOP theory is correct, thus the pilots were surgically altered, intellectually immature, human children.

      I lean towards the whole alien thing being a big hoax.

      Aliens are simply not visiting Earth. All the supposed example of aliens visiting Earth indicate beings of EXTREME INCOMPETENCE, so incompetent they would not actually be able to leave the vicinity of their own planet never-mind travelling light years across Space. The alleged actions of aliens of Earth demonstrate extreme idiocy, thus I doubt they would be able to tie their own shoelaces, they definitely would not be able to invent or control sophisticated technology.

      The point to focus on is the utter stupidity of the aliens despite their supposed intelligence, their alleged intelligent technology.

      If Google can create self-driving cars, which do not crash, with essentially primitive technology, why can’t aliens manage to avoid crashing their ships or dying in foolish accidents? Surely a race of being capably to travelling light years will have harnessed advanced AI, sophisticated regenerative medicine, supreme defensive and safety measures to protect the pilots from all possible accidents?

      There is an obvious incongruity between inevitably intelligent technology needed to travel immense distances, light years, through space, and the utterly unintelligent incompetence regarding aliens dying so easily or crashing their ships, which really needs to be pointed out. Any species with the technology to traverse light-years would certainly possess advanced AI, robotics, regenerative medicine, sophisticated nanotechnology, various crash protection and other safety devices, thereby making mortality and crash-landings utterly implausible. More likely robots would be used for exploration or at least in addition to the alleged aliens there would be robots too. Yes there are probably aliens out there, but they certainly are not intelligent enough to create the technology needed to reach Earth. Crash landings and accidental death are consequences of technological primitive (unintelligent) beings, not advanced light-year capable aliens. 

      • Ivy says:

        Actually you found a more plausible explanation in your reply: Robots. I have no explanation for why aliens (robots or otherwise) may have crashed (if they did) but you seem ignorant of some basic concepts. First, you are suggesting you understand the mind of an ET and can make a value judgement about success and failure on its part. Why aren’t these deliberate crashes you ask? Oh, you didn’t.
        Recall Huygens? Second you assume ‘space’ travel is linear. 3rd you assume there is only one type of ET ‘visiting.’ Suppose you are a race that has just discovered a powerful new technology that sends you thru the cosmos. What happens when you can’t see the other side clearly or run into a technology you didn’t expect. And last of all recall all the astronauts, military pilots, etc that have claimed to see huge and preposterously fast craft (that didn’t crash) of unknown origin. If you want to play the ET is or is not present, then you need to stop thinking with the same old set of tools that got you here and get creative.

        • Singularity Utopia says:

          Dear Ivy. An alien capable of creating or flying a spacecraft is clearly exhibiting a degree of foresight, forward-planning, which indicates value judgements about the success of the mission, otherwise on the most basic level the spaceship would not fly.

          Intelligent beings are inevitably making value judgements all the time, this is what intelligence is, we evaluate the pros and cons, we foresee errors, we visualise outcomes, we envisage hypothetical problems then design solutions. The point about aliens being stupid due to their alleged crashes is that they are showing an exceptional level of deficient evaluation regarding Earth, they exhibit a degree of unawareness, a degree of senselessness wholly incongruent with the level of intelligence needed to create or operate their technology.

          I didn’t focus on aliens deliberately crashing their ships because such a notion is wholly preposterous. If aliens wanted to give us their technology there are vastly more logical, sane, sensible ways to give us their technology, contrary to a Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy comedic Hactar (see Silastic Armorfiends of Striterax) crashing a ship thereby facilitating The Krikkit Wars. The Huygens probe is a circumstance only applicable to technologically primitive beings. Probes by advanced light-year-capable aliens will not be abandoned.

          I am aware there could be a wide variety of aliens potentially visiting Earth, but I am also aware every type of alien must be considerably intelligent if they can travel light years in a spaceship; thus given the blatant stupidity regarding all the alleged alien encounters on Earth, we must conclude aliens are not actually visiting Earth because they are clearly too stupid to do so.

          All technology is all very much interconnected thus medieval knights don’t invent, stumble upon, cures for cancer without first inventing-discovering x-rays, microscopes, computers etc. Aliens don’t stumble upon “a powerful new technology that sends you thru the cosmos” without first developing all other aspects of their technology. There may be slight leaps forward in one area of technology ahead of another area but nothing so extreme to account for the extreme discrepancies we see regarding the alleged alien visitations, thus our current level of human technology means we don’t stumble upon how to invent a time machine.

  14. Sno says:

    This sirius disclosure thing looks to me like a pretend documentary that is actually a sci-fi movie. Otherwise it’s either a hoax or incredibly implausible (I like to keep an open mind 😉 ).

    • Singularity Utopia says:

      Yes I did consider the “Disclosure” could be a publicity stunt for a sci-fi film, or it could be a plain hoax. I am curious to see what will transpire. Since publishing my article there has been “additional conclusive DNA & Scientific analysis” made available, a recent Press Release stated.

      Sadly the alien supporters fail to address the moronic nature of aliens. Why are aliens so utterly inept despite their supposedly sophisticated technology? Surely if a being is intelligent enough to create a spaceship capable of travelling light-years, they can at least achieve immortality and AI thereby protecting themselves from death or capture? Nevertheless the aliens are dropping like flies, they are captured and die so easily despite the hypothetical high intelligence and sophisticated technology needed to travel to Earth. This is the point to focus on. Why are aliens so moronic, so retarded? I think there is no contradiction, aliens would not be moronic, people are merely being misled about the existence of aliens.

      • Unfortunately, this is not glorifying ME! Should be amusing though.

      • True that, given such highly advanced tech I do wonder why all the drunk driving. Like writing a 900 page novel, and immediately tossing the only copy on to the fire. The crashes didn’t make sense to me.

        HOWEVER, (ah ha, I do have opposing ideas) it makes no more sense to me that aliens would desire immortality or even AI. If, as some suspect aliens are merely differently evolved human-like beings I would expect they posses false beliefs, faults, desires, etc.

        Take, for instance the “creatures” featured in the Sirius doc. They are both roughly 6″ tall. Kind of throws a wrench into using prior expectations or factoring all the typical baggage, like abduction, or massive craft, or astrobiology when trying to get a concept of what these “aliens” are.

        Myself; I’ve never been big on the alien thing or sci-fi in general. In fact, I really dislike fiction as a whole. Maybe that’s why I’m more tuned in and not turned off to bizarre possibilities. I see the truth and real events as being far more interesting than the most imaginative fiction.

        As far as Greer goes, he’s always rubbed me weird. But, I’ve warmed up to him given his demeanor, connections, work as a medical doctor and tenacity. Unfortunately, I still can’t shake the thought when seeing Greer that he’s a poorly shape-shifted reptile of some kind. The fact that he’s buffed adds to the unease.

        • Oh yeah, I forgot to add that we often don’t understand how self-programmed we are.

          Has anyone here considered the possibility that “aliens”, especially the grey one’s of notoriety might just be really advanced plants?

          I’ve never seen an alien’s wang depicted in any film. And, no I’ve not seen alien-porn and neither have I seen clown-porn. Maybe they’re just cheap clones, sent on long journeys….

          That’s another thing; I have trouble seeing distances so vast (light-years in length) as to even consider they could be traversed in the same way we might drive to Yosemite on vacation. My gut says, these journeys are not unlike the film Contact. I definitely don’t want to be like that Senator in the film, ridiculing her for making up her intergalactic exploits when the Machine clearly didn’t even work.

          Spoiler: Alas, the on board camera recorded 45 minutes of static. Zing! That point didn’t really convince stupid American’s though. She warned those geeks about adding their fancy chair. Low and behold, it shook like a mutha and popped loose. America IS that fancy chair. Kidding.

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