The Simulated Car Racing Championship

Simulated Car Racing Championship

This manual describes the competition software for the Simulated Car Racing Championship, an
international competition held at major conferences in the fi elds of Evolutionary Computation, Computational Intelligence and Games.

The championship platform is built on top of The Open Racing Car Simulator (TORCS) a
state-of-the-art open source car racing simulator which provides a full 3D visualization, a sophisti-
cated physics engine, and accurate car dynamics taking into account traction, aerodynamics, fuel
consumption, etc.

The goal of the competition is to design intelligent controllers for a simulated racing car that will compete on a set of unknown tracks alone (against the clock) and then against other drivers. The controllers perceive the racing environment through a number of sensors that describe the relevant features of the car surroundings (e.g., the track limits, the position of near-by obstacles), of the car state (the fuel level, the engine RPMs, the current gear, etc.), and the current game state (lap time, number of lap, etc.). The controller can perform the typical driving actions (clutch, changing gear, accelerate, break, steering the wheel, etc.).

This provides a great platform for independent developers or students to test out robotic and future car concepts, machine learning based controllers, and so on.

The idea of development of such controllers in simulated worlds isn’t new. In fact the idea is quite similar to work done for experimental analysis of future tactical aircraft back in the mid to late 1980s. Simulators of this sort were used extensively in studies leading up to the development of modern advanced fighter aircraft such as the U.S. F-35.

Simulated World for Testing Aircraft Concepts circa 1986


A description of the championship, including the rules and regulations, can be found at

Watch an actual race below!

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