The Philosophy of the Starship – Call for Papers

The British Interplanetary Society has issued a call for papers.

“For the future Starships, what sort of vessels should we send and what will be their function? how should they be constructed, financed and governed? What sort of technology should such vessels contain? What are the risk/benefits for making the trip? What are the implications for the future evolution of those star faring humans that made the voyage? Who should go, why and what characteristics should these Starship humans have? What will we discover when we get there? Do we understand what is meant by the romantic phrase “Starship”? The Institute for Interstellar Studies™ has organized this symposium in collaboration with the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society.”

“We invite innovative and thought provoking papers which explore these ideas.”

It seems that future interstellar travelers will want to enhance their bodies and minds to support long space voyages and adaptation to new worlds. They might be transhuman,

 Submissions should be sent to

Speakers announced are: 

The Invention of the Starship
Kelvin F. Long

Von Neumann probes
Keith Cooper

The Philosophical Heritage of the Starship
Stephen Ashworth

The Starship as a Philosophical Vehicle
Bob Parkinson

Future geopolitical scenarios, their dominant philosophy and the impact thereof on deep space
Frederik Ceyssens

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