Reviewing the Real Superhero Power of Technology

[Editor’s note: this post is a somewhat interesting commercial use of a transhumanist themed infographic to promote a low cost phone service in the UK that was sent to me as an article submission. While arguably it isn’t really an article but rather a quite nonintrusive advertisement for this company, I thought some of its elements were amusing enough to share it. I was also surprised and intrigued to learn that a commercial venture of this type would find a transhumansit theme attractive for their purposes.]

We live in aworld today that consists of technological advancements, scientific discoveries and cultural trends, when we combine all these great things together we can build some real power as you will see in this infographic on the real superhero power of technology.

Have you ever envied a superhero? They have amazing abilities; super strength, clever minds, they have so many great skills they inspire you to want to become the real hero just like them. With this in mind, you will see how the U.S military used the inspiration of superhero power to develop technological gadgets and armour to better equip a soldier to save lives quicker. The infographic shows that through human training and some Parkour movements, we all can strengthen our core body and mind to be better and enhanced with superhero abilities.

It is not just the hi-tech clothing that can turn us into a real superhero but scientific learning can produce outstanding developments. The U.S. Army Research Laboratory invests time and money into developing these Iron Man inspiredsoldiers, specialised staff are hired and some technical staff specialise specifically in scientific and robotics areas to better deliver what is produced. This has very much become a trend in society today, gone are the days of learning and graduating in standard subjects like Maths or English, students now want to become involved in these cultural trends and learn key skills from day one so they can develop these innovative technological creations that we are seeing around us.

What is great to see, is that technology can provide many benefits and even save lives. Technology alliances are being formed around the world just like the Avengers or the Justice League grouping together! Technology is helping those with disabilities, 2012 saw real heroes competing in the London Paralympic games, athletes with amputees running like the Flash from DC Comics. 2013, sees the HAL suit in Japan being tested on more patients to further what technology can already do. To find out more about these suits, check out the infographic below. We really do live in an amazing world and the future is promising. The research, the science, the determination to improve what is already out there is the new human cultural trend and it is great to see that new super powered developments are being born and socially accepted by humans each day, take a look at the work of the Virtual Human Interaction Lab, they are one example of how the future is being developed in this real superhero world we live in.

Infographic courtesy of Dialtosave.


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