Max More Discusses Cryonics on TV’s The Doctors

Alcor President & Chief Executive Officer Max More appears on the medical TV program The Doctors with actress Dana Delaney. Delaney is opposed to the idea, but others on the show think they might be interested in cryonics.

Max is on at the 3:18 mark explaining the science.

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  1. The difficulty I have with people who think trying to preserve life with cryonics is in some way wrong, is how do they draw the line. Many hospital procedures on elderly people consume far more resources, and often result in a small duration of poor quality of life.

    It is not rational that this is acceptable and cryonics not.

    It is not acceptable that sick people beyond retirement age should be terminated by neglect. Some may chose to “fade away” and that is their right to chose. But those who want treatment should have it, especially if they have made their own financial arrangements for it.

  2. Debi K Baughman says:

    i think that they were having problems with the freezing of the internal body, intestines and such. have we actually come much further on this/ i don’t know. got some reading to do here. good post, now, lets find some max moore

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