Community Knowledge Base: Medical Automation Technologies

Medical Automation… Disruptive and/or Progressive? is a vlog from one of our readers Andrew Valdes who wants to ask for support from the H+ community to expand his knowledge of emerging and disruptive medical technologies. He hopes to collect and catalog medical technologies and learn about new medical technologies not on his list.  Have any to add to Andrew’s list? Add them as comments to this posting and we’ll share the final list in a subsequent post.


Andrew’s List

Watson Dx/Tx Demo:…

Automation in Medicine:…

Ray Kurzweil on The Biotech Revolution:

Honda Robotics:

Working with Robots:…

Eric Topol, M.D. has written on the subject, his book – The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care

Andrew McAfee’s and Erik Brynjolfsson’s book on the matter: Race Against the Machine

Qualcomm Tricorder X-prize:

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