Happy Future Day 2013 !!

The bad news is time flies.  

The good news is, we’re kinda the pilots!

Hard to believe that Future Day, March 1, is already upon us once again!

Adam Ford has made a shiny new website for the still rather new holiday (which was celebrated for the first time last year, after I cooked up the notion in 2011) … and folks all around the world are organizing Future Day 2013 celebrations.

If you are organizing a party, celebration, shindig, hoedown, seminar, lecture, luncheon, dinner, wine and cheese, scorpion and rutabaga or WHATEVER in honor of Future Day — first of all, good on yer mate; secondly , please take a photo of the proceedings and email it to info@futureday.org, and (uh, assuming it’s not in egregiously bad taste) we will post it on the Future Day site.

I’ve been too swamped with various sorts of interesting work this week to write a real Future Day article, but Adam grabbed me on Skype this morning and asked me to record a couple short video-blog entries for Future Day.   So, here goes:

Here’s hoping we share a few zillion more Future Days together !!!

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  1. Lobotor says:

    Future day is certainly a lot more important than most of the current holidays and I sincerely hope that it will get recognised and celebrated by more people in the coming years.

    Greetings from Finland, have a great Future day and thanks for the h+ mag, great stuff!

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