Osmar Zaiane’s Artificial Intelligence lecture from January 15, 2013 in the Technology and Future of Medicine course LABMP 590

Osmar Zaiane presents Artificial Intelligence Part I

 Osmar Zaiane’s Artificial Intelligence Part I lecture from January 15, 2013 in the Technology and Future of Medicine course LABMP 590 at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada http://www.singularitycourse.com .

The video begins with an introduction by Dr. Kim Solez with some remarks on the Sony Aibo robotic dog and robotics in general.

The professional video footage of the Sony Aibo robotic dog is at http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151643261737571 and the amateur footage is at http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151642729217571

Table of Contents

0:00 Introduction Kim Solez,

0:57 AI perhaps most important subject in course,

1:38Sony Aibo robotic dog, 2:45 Aibo not popular in Canada,

4:03 Main market, affluent young women,

4:50 regional differences in robotics emphasis,

5:40 Blade Runner,

6:38 AI Movie,

7:05 Osmar Zaiane begins,

8:12 computer in wristwatch more powerful than that in Voyager I and II,

9:50 plan for lectures,

12:32 Mechanical Turk,

16:35 The Scribe,

23:35 Tricorder,

24:35 Pomegranate phone,

32:05 the Singularity defined,

34:25 Machines and humans become one,

35:00 the metaphor of the mouse,

41:10 superintelligence,

51:30 retinal implant,

54:24 Danger from rogue AI. Early warning system needed,

55:25 life expectancy,

59:50 discussion, 2045 an accurate date for the Singularity?

1:03:20 universe within ourselves,

1:05:20 both AI and the Singularity are moving targets,

1:05:40 How uniformly distributed will the Singularity be?


Osmar Zaiane presents Artificial Intelligence Part II

Table of Contents

0:00 Kim Solez introduction

0.28 plans for student presentation evening Future Day March 1st

2:10 Sony Aibo robotic dog 6:14 Osmar Zaiane lecture commences,

6:25 the fourteen Aibo dogs in the AI lab,

10:05 “the best humans beings are all the human beings put together” — Aristotle,

10:40 our society very soon will be a society of cyborgs,

13:00 making robot movement more natural,

14:34 roborat ,

17:00the science fiction view, who is superior to whom?,

17:50 the consequences of having a world of cyborgs?

18:35 intelligent machines, images from movies,

19:45 what is AI?


Osmar Zaiane presents Artificial Intelligence Part III

Table of Contents:
0:00 Review Intelligence defined,
2:30 modern history of AI, AI winters,
3:25 Great success working on subproblems,
4:10Achievements of AI Checkers solved – Jonathan Schaeffer, Chess,
5:50 Driverless car, self-parking car. Hard vs. soft obstacles hard to distinguish,
8:50 Expert systems, machine learning,
15:10computer made discovery,
16:50 interviews extract knowledge,
17:20 missing rules,
17:45 machine learning,
19:50 accounting project is not machine learning,
21:50 medical image analysis,
23:40 Mars rover,
25:15 types of machine learning,
32:50 credit approval,
34:00 credit card fraud protection,
35:45 Supervised data,
38:50 classification methods,
40:00 Nearest neighbor approach
43:45 decision trees,

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