LABMP 590: Technology and the Future of Medicine — Lecture 1


Dr. Kim Solez gives the introductory lecture in the Technology and Future of Medicine course LABMP 590 on January 8th, 2013 at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada.

Table of contents:

1:24 Student presentations March 2nd and in an evening at end of course

3:23 intro to song

3:55 Joel Crichton Singularity song

6:45 two categories of students

7:48 technological Singularity,10:15 focus groups

10:45 history of course

11:35 no shielding from the truth

12:15 natural rhythm of teaching sessions

13:20broadcast quality video

14:25 perfect photography carried out by machines without human intervention, camera compares scene with ideal algorithm and shoots automatically when specifications are met

17:14 hot-linked tables of contents on YouTube for course videos

18:45 faculty diversity

21:10 Jonathan White lecture on course website began with a song

23:10 course specifics, basis for grading

26:30 books

29:30 social responsibility of medicine

30:25 balanced view incorporating skeptics

31:40 student presentation session on Future Day weekend following March 1st Joel Crichton concert at Wunder Bar or Artery

32.50 student numbers increasing exponentially, 34:19 our own exponential,35:42 MOU with Udacity, 37:02 audience heterogeneity

38:15 Marcus Hutter, Rebecca Kendrick

41:25 How many people should we try to reach

43:35 human insignificance

49:15 Foxconn 1 million workers being replaced by 1 million robots

50:45 we could eliminate all disease and still have a terrible world

52:13 social responsibility of medicine, Virchow quote was written when he was 27

54:02 course absolutely unique, we need to figure out how it can best provide unique benefits to students

57:00 lecturers in this course extremely convincing to listen to, but have conflicting predictions, some of those predictions are going to be absolutely accurate, we just don’t know which ones! It is very healthy for us to be exposed to these various scenarios

59:35 Moore’s law, does not work as well in medicine, apps not used

1:01:18 Need skill at interpreting the really big picture

1:03:00 discussion

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