Help Save Dr Stephen Coles, a World Renowned Aging Researcher

Dr Stephen Coles, a world leader in aging research, has cancer. The professor at UCLA, head of the world renowned Gerontology Research Group, director of the Supercentenarian Research Foundation, is succumbing to one of the worst age-related diseases of all. A person who dedicated his life for the healthy longevity of all needs your help. And you can help!

1) Donate.

Please donate to Dr. Coles Pancreatic Cancer Fund for Dr. Coles’ treatments.

Please Note:  Donations given through the link

will go to Gerontology Research Group – a world premier hub of aging and longevity researchers. For donations for Dr. Coles’ treatments please use the former fund.

2) Help apply a ground-breaking approach for Dr. Coles treatment, by spreading the word.

Many researchers on the Gerontology Research Group mailing list have proposed ideas to help Steve. Dr Coles’ family is particularly interested in the “mouse culture” concept, where a patient’s tumor is taken during surgery and injected in mice. Then the mice are tested for various treatments, and the treatment which is found to be most effective is applied to the patient.

The procedure is new and has been empirically shown to be quite effective. But it costs about $22K. We hope that the company performing the treatment can make a big discount, in view of the publicity that can be generated.

Depending on the company’s offer, the amount of money that we collect and the number of people we reach, we will try to help Dr. Steve Coles the best way we can. Inaction kills.

Please donate and spread this message!

International Longevity Alliance

2 Responses

  1. Joshua Fox says:

    Every life is precious, including Dr. Coles’.

    If you’d like to increase donations, I recommend explaining:

    (1) What is the role of Dr. Coles’ health insurance in this? As a professor in a university, he certainly has good health insurance. Perhaps the answer is that it won’t cover an experimental procedure.

    (2) Why can’t Dr. Coles come up with $22K or less? As a senior science professor in a large university, this should be easy, relative to its importance.

    We should all be donating a lot of money to saving lives. Please explain why this particular charitable purpose is preferable to others.

    • Peter says:


      The health insurance will cover standard gemcitabine treatments but not such procedure that costs much but should strongly increase the chance of getting away.

      Dr Coles has dedicated his life to the biology of aging and to create a strong research community against aging and age-related diseases. He has certainly changed the face biogerontology; in that, he is a giant.

      He has had the possibility to take care of the Gerontology Research Group (GRG) mailing list ( everyday except when in congress or visiting supercentenarians, at the cost of taking a low paid positioned (for a senior science professor). We have the possibility to use the huge network of experts he has created to help him; for those who appreciate the ongoing advances in research on aging and longevity, this is at least a sign of gratitude.

      In addition, this is also a symbolic fight against cancer and a symbolic common project from various aging research and longevity groups: numerous persons on the GRG mailing list and elsewhere have proposed various help for Dr Coles, including reknown persons in or around the biogerontology field like Didier Coeurnelle (, Aubrey de Grey (, Dave Gobel (, Michael Vassard (Singularity Institute), Ilia Stambler (, and others including Steve Harris, Alexander Zhavoronkov, and various oncologists.”
      Gerontology Research Group Index Page, as of [1997 – 2007]

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