Science Will Never Be The Same

As we move deeper into the digital age we are facing major changes how things get done. This also effects the social praxis of science.

I believe that there are two major digital trends driving recent innovations in science and technology; both are changing the way we perform and look at research.

1) How to deal with the enormous amount of data?
2) How to use and benefit from collaborative intelligence found in the Cloud for research?
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Many people are starting to reflect on this kind of questions. I found today eg this interesting blog:

*So you want to have a phD? Tell more how do you swallow this spaghetti dish..*
+Eugenio Battaglia
“Collection of data is becoming everyday embarrassingly cheaper. The main problem is to store, and – especially – to organize and giving meaning to these big-data. Their comprehension have enormous implications in every single aspect of our life. They’re everywhere in today’s science. If you are doing science nowadays, you are probably dealing with this issue.

We call this, the BIG DATA problem. …. While I was trying to solve such empasses, I discovered that this is only the tipping point of the iceberg. The solution i found, didn’t basically fit with current rules of science world. In order to explain so, we need to take a brief look on how science works to date…. ”

Two other interesting resources, I would like to mention in this context:

1) Solve for X: +Adrien Treuille  on collaborative science

2)  +Michael Nielsen, Reinventing Discovery, TheNew Era of Networked Science, Princeton University Press 2012.“Michael Nielsen argues that we are living at the dawn of the mostdramatic change in science in more than 300 years. This is beingdriven by powerful new cognitive tools, enabled by the internet, whichare greatly accelerating scientific discovery….this is the firstbook about something much more fundamental how the internet istransforming the nature of our collective intelligence and how weunderstand the world” (cover text)

I think we are facing a fundamental paradigm change in science, which will affect everybody involved in doing and using science. It will fundamental change the way we do science on a daily basis and the underlying philosophical concepts. I am really looking forward to discuss this idea with the readers of H+ Magazine.

It will be us who will form this development and we will need a broad social agreement on how we will do things in the future!

What is your opinion?

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