Letter from the Editor: What are the goals of H+ Magazine for 2013?

There has been some debate and some discussion about what the purpose and goals of H+ Magazine are at this point. I’d like to share my thoughts.

First and foremost, the magazine exists to support the parent not for profit organization. The magazine exists to promote Humanity+ and its objectives.

Second, the space of “transhumanist webzines” is already crowded. Many stories appear in multiple places and in multiple feeds.

Third, we think that the right place for Humanity+ to position itself is as a more rigorous science oriented publication. This decision is not based on the popularity of this idea or the size of the audience for a more scientific publication. We think this is the right thing to do. It is based on what we perceive as the real need and and our specific internal expertise in relation to that.

Fourth, we want to be more responsible in our speech. There are topics we won’t cover and articles we won’t publish. We don’t want to censor others but this does not mean we will publish anything we are sent. We are taking a strong stand on this issue.

Fifth, we want to develop an economic model for this. Of course we value the contributions of our authors. But based on our analysis of the real world numbers, paying for individual blog articles won’t work. We have another idea which will be announced soon and in due course.

Sixth, we feel strongly that actions of individuals and groups that represent transhumanism matter. If we are seen as advocating dangerous, fringe or unscientific ideas it does not help the objectives of H+ broadly. We want to set an example by talking about things that are real and happening now, science, and educated opinion and speculation.

Seven, we are ready to work and in this for the long haul. No one here is thinking this is a get rich quick scheme. The historical idea of a daily online magazine is at this point somewhat of an anachronism. We can imagine some new approaches and we plan to try them within the very limited scope of what we can afford to do.

I welcome your comments.

Peter Rothman, Editor H+

4 Responses

  1. Peter, thank you for setting these guidelines, and for keeping the magazine with a strong commitment to science, article quality, and supporting Humanity+ as an organization.

  2. Steve Keane says:

    Just remember that transhumanism is a crude, catchall term that embraces a variety of ideas and viewpoints. To try to represent it as a unified, homogenous community would be a disservice to the numerous different, yet related communities generally placed under the banner.

    • Peter says:

      Sure. But this does not mean we have to accept any arbitrary set of ideas as being part of Transhumanism nor does it mean that we do not have our own perspective which we will talk about here. That is in fact the reason this blog exists.

      • Epoh says:

        When you look over the blog articles, they are coming from all sorts of scientific fields, and evidential foundations to explain concepts relating to Transhumanist thought (whatever that may be), but as long as it’s grounded discussion I see no reason why those that are different should be offended. H+ isn’t claiming any definition of how it is, or how it should be, just trying to play the role of a selective mirror, revealing what seems to be honest and progressive.

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