Algorithmic Self-assembly (with DNA) Profile

Another popular post that is being re-posted from my microblog, Tumbld Thoughts (on Algorithmic Self-assembly).

Here is David Doty (Math/CS) from Caltech discussing the theory of Algorithmic Self-Assembly [1] featured in a Communications of the ACM article — picture on the left, and Vimeo video slideshow — picture on the right). Here is a related blog post from 80 Beats (Discover magazine science blog) on DNA LEGO bricks. Enjoy both.

Associated trivia: the “Abstract Tile Assembly Model” [2] featured in the Vimeo video was developed by Erik Winfree (another DNA Computing person), who is the son of Arthur Winfree. Art Winfree wrote an excellent book called the “Geometry of Biological Time”, and was a mentor of Steven Strogatz [3].

NOTES:[1] process by which “things autonomously (no directedness) assemble themselves into larger functional units”.

[2] for a demo, try out the the Xgrow simulator.

[3] a nice story about this is featured in the book “Sync

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