Wearable computers, e-Textiles and Smart Clothing Design – What’s next? 13.12.2012

Talk and discussion by Kimmo Pernu, Innovation Architect, Suunto.

Date: 13.12.2012
Venue: Aalto Media Factory Auditorium, Helsinki Finland
Time: 13pm – 16:30 pm

Kimmo Pernu is the Innovation Architect of Suunto a Finnish watchmaker and a pioneer of wearable computers.

Suunto wearable diving computers and software.



Combining clothing with computational capabilities immediately triggers people’s imaginations. The possibilities seem immense but going a bit deeper one soon realises that the actual implications of combining the two mediums go beyond just integrating electronic devices into wearable artefacts. Being creative practitioners, we have experimented with the medium, learnt the basics, conceptualized and created novel artefacts, and engaged and shared with the community. But what comes next? How do we envision the world with soft technology- What is their relevance? What roles can these technologies play? As designers of smart clothing how do we take wearable/soft technology design to the next level?



The Media Factory is one of the three factories of Aalto University, the others being Design Factory and Service Factory, provide platforms for collaboration and development outside the usual scope of academic departments and research units.

The Aalto Media Factory focuses on developing multidisciplinary media-related research and education, welcoming people from all around Aalto, and reaching out to commercial industry partners and non-profit organisations. We resource joint ventures, such as research projects, course pilots and event productions by providing funding, coaching, tools and spaces.

The Media Factory is located on the Arabia campus of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki Finland. The Arabia campus is located in north-east Helsinki, approx. 6 km from the city center.


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