eXtreme Futurist Festival 2012


The Extreme Futurist Festival, which was founded last year by Rachel Haywire and Michael Anissimov, is back for another year of radical talks, transgressive performance art, cyborg fashion shows, live  music, provocative film, and DIY evolution. Bringing together the counterculture and the intelligentsia on the Mayan apocalypse calendar date of December 21, 2012;  this years XFF is being organized by Rachel Haywire  and Christopher Jannette (of United Cybernetics) with the sponsorship of Humanity+ and SENS. It will take place in Los Angeles, California.

 XFF just met their goal of 20K on their RocketHub crowdfunding page and are now ready for action. They have begun working on their new website and have already booked speakers including Aubrey de Grey, Ben Goertzel, and Michael Anissimov along with Los Angeles industrial bands Malfaktor and Ancient Lasers and trapeze artist Erinina Marie Ness. The discussions in the Human 2.0 Council FB group are getting heated. The post-apocalypse season has begun.

See the Extreme Futurist Festival 2012 Trailer from H+ Worldwide on Vimeo.

The XFF team is currently in the process of booking new speakers, bands, filmmakers, artists, and performers; so if you are a radical transhumanist who would like to get involved with Extreme Futurist Festival 2012 you can email them at extremefuturistfest2012@gmail.com


  1. I once wrote on the 10 most common objections people had against transhumanist thinking. After several more years I realized there are were so many more ‘misgivings’ than 10 that it would be quite a waste of my valuable time trying to answer them all, even if I could. So now I just listen and continue doing what I do to promote further understanding. Certain death awaits others whom I can only feel sorry for. JM

  2. Y’all need to read Neuromancer again, your view of “living forever” won’t be what you think it will be.

    We need to get back to our humanist roots and use technology to improve the humanity we have rather than mutilate ourselves with augmentations or prolong our frail bodies with a cocktail of drugs.

    XFF just comes off as a corporate-sponsored convention for a bunch of people who are living in a bubble thinking that science will save them.

  3. @MarkPlus
    >implying getting people interested in transhumanism is counterproductive
    >implying we’re not doing anything to build the future we want
    >implying there are no intelligent transhumanists

  4. “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

    When will you people see the folly of this “radical transhumanist” make-believe, set it aside and try to do something real to instantiate your dreams? I don’t care how many transhumanist versions of Halloween you hold: Every last one of you faces a death sentence that you’ve done nothing about, despite your delusions about “living forever.”

    No wonder serious, intelligent people view transhumanism as a goth-like phase some young adults go through until biological reality (aging and mortality) intrudes into their fantasy-bubble.

    • to mark plus,

      lame. transhumanism is all about ending our death sentence. and from your point of view it sounds like you don’t keep abreast to the technologies that have been pumping out like crazy by visionary scientist. if your gonna adhere to the past you’re gonna stay there. the transhumanist will evolve and leave you to die a natural life as you wish it to be.

    • @ Mark Plus: When I was a boy, the world was new, and wonder filled. When I became a young man of reason, I wanted to live forever. And this was long before concepts of transhumanism were squirming their way out of the ubergeek and extreme scientific communities. I’m 53 now. I could pursue the lifestyle of Kurzweil, but I’ve come to accept my mortality.

      Every human is young once. Let the people have their weekend. God only knows just how hard it is to regain youth. Should the transhumanists prove us wrong, and they get to rub our faces in it, as the saying goes, there will be some in the movement that will eventually choose an ending. If they’re allowed to pick a date, well hell, they have my envy!

    • “Every last one of you faces a death sentence that you’ve done nothing about, despite your delusions about “living forever.””

      Yes, because the biohacking and grinder movements absolutely do not exist, and aren’t working on this problem.

    • “Childish” is not naive, even an average children explores, develops and learns (what about gifted ones), while an average adult is (sorry) a boring and dumb machine with a fixed program (habits), it doesn’t learn much – has reached cognitive plateau a long time ago, and that plateau was not very high (there are so many concepts which are unexplainable to an average homo sapiens).

      And the average “intelligent people” are quite away from the topmost intelligent ones, in both pure “number crunching” and experience.

      The really smart humans don’t “grow up”, because they don’t get “adults” in that sense – they don’t stop to explore and to develop their cognition and technology.

      In the worst case – they’ll have fun as much as they can. The “adult ones” just hit their limit, get bored and live like that for the last many decades of their hopeless lives.

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