Top 10 Transhumanist Pickup Lines

1. “Wanna come back to my place and start the new species?”

2. “I ordered some of my DNA and was wondering if you wanted to order yours too so you could blend it with mine.”

3. “Let’s upload our minds together naked.”

4. “Wanna get our bodies frozen together so we can be immortal like ice ice baby?”

5. “I bet you are quite the homo superior in bed.”

6. “I have never seen a human look this good. You must be one of those sex robots.”

7. “Is that an augmentation in your pants or are you just happy to see me?”

8. “Not to be crass but you have a fine looking cyborg ass.”

9. “You know what I think the Singularity is? You and me baby.”

10. “Wanna come into my VR simulation and taste my love?”


  1. I weep for the species.

  2. “I am fully functional and trained in multiple techniques.”

  3. Resistance is futile!

  4. Hey baby, I’d love to feel the knee of your curves 😉

  5. “I just had new fingertip sensors implanted. I’d love to try sensing you.”

    • I actually like that one a lot!

  6. you gotta taste it today! This cyborg implant is gonna expire tomorrow and i dont have money to renew it 🙁

  7. “I enjoy travelling the stars, creating new dog breeds and drinking pure ethanol with friends. My cryogenically frozen parents are very important to me and I regularly interact with their simulations so that we can be familiar when they wake up again. I’m looking for someone with similar interests who will build me a castle on the beach just because…”

  8. I got some grey goo for ya…

  9. I’d love to interface in your face.

    • love is obsolete , disdain love

  10. “Another 40-year-old male virgin transhumanist? You’re the fourth one I’ve met this week.”

    “Sorry, your weapon is ineffective against my Armor Class.”

    “I didn’t know that there are Omega-minus males.”

  11. I’m an engineer – will you be my friend?

    • “You add new meaning to the phrase, ‘Borg implants”.”

    • Hahaha!

  12. … wanna see my transhuman titties?

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