Transhumanist-themed podcast: George Dvorsky’s Sentient Developments

After a three year hiatus, George Dvorsky has rekindled his futurist-themed podcast, Sentient Developments. The show serves as a counterpart to his blog of the same name and covers similar topics, often in more detail and with accompanying clips and interviews for added depth and insight.

The Sentient Developments Podcast, which runs weekly, deals with a number of issues familiar to the readers of H+. As an explicitly transhumanist-themed podcast, Dvorsky deals directly with the potential for human enhancement, both in terms of what is possible today and in the near future. True to the tagline, “Futurism, science, life,” Dvorsky looks into those technologies and techniques available today that can improve or expand human performance and experience–from diet and exercise to nootropics and implants.

In addition, he looks to the future and considers more radical possibilities for the human species, whether it be cybernetics, genetics, radical life extension, or the technological Singularity. And as Chair of the Board for the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, Dvorsky analyzes these issues through the lens of a critical bioethicist.

As a science-themed podcast, Sentient Developments covers more than just human enhancement. Concerned about animal welfare, and as the program chair for the IEET’s Rights of Non-Human Persons Program, Dvorsky often discusses his efforts to see human-equivalent rights afforded to a number of highly sapient species. He is also an expert in SETI studies and often covers the latest in cosmology, metaphysics, and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. And like many H+ readers, he’s concerned about technological advance and the potential for catastrophic and existential risks; geopolitics, foresight, and risk mitigation are frequently discussed on the show.

The Sentient Developments Podcast is available on iTunes ( Listeners can also subscribe directly to its feed (

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