The Châos Factor (K+)

It’s like celebratory gunfire isn’t life-threatening because your state of mind affects the reality you perceive. That is; until you get hit in the head by a stray bullet. It’s been said that no battle plan survives the first engagement, so it’s difficult to predict what will happen next as we continue the birthing of a new generation, a generation suckled on the Information Age.

Heads Up.

In an Age of Collective Wisdom you don’t need an organization to be organized. Unfortunately, not everyone knows this because we’re a civilization still kicking and screaming during the birth pangs of social re-organization, technological enhancement, rising unemployment, food shortages, et al. Being a leader in the 21st Century is a job for exemplars, not normal people. By deduction, only the insane, or perhaps a cabal of sci-fi writers, are really qualified.

Extraterrestrial contact?

You won’t need your gravity bong anymore because there are neural technologies afoot that are not drugs, but can nevertheless induce any state of consciousness that you want. Hey, if they think drugs are a threat, what are they going to do when Lindsay Lohan can tune herself into in any state that she wants without drugs?

Global Justice?

What we need to be talking about is a universal code of ethics for an H+ world which will set new boundaries of behavior. It’s obvious that we’ll need a new code, an updated driving license, to cruise the future. New laws of physics and chemistry will open domains of potential complexity that are currently unimaginable. This is part of our transhumanic evolution as we move into a phase of transformable codes, like maths, religion, philosophy, art, dance, humor, computer programming, or what have you. At this time, a fresh dialogue between science and spirituality would be very cool. In fact, it could be one of the most exciting things that could happen, but it won’t happen for those Darwinian scientists who remain locked into narrow beliefs regarding the mind and the brain.

Darwinian Mode?

It’s not only religious fanatics who should be pondering about the ethics of what we’re doing, or even what we’re thinking about doing, because we’ve seen again and again the consequences of ‘technology unleashed’. Our corporate scientists are so busy doing science that they often don’t pause to think about the ramifications of what they’re doing. Like religion, the control of science is run like the church before the reformation, a sort of ‘college of cardinals’ that decides what’s acceptable.

What is consciousness?

It is a fairly common belief among Transhumanists that Superhuman Intelligence, (SI), is only a short way off. Some of us believe that its already happened, but I digress because everyone seems more interested in the creation of Artificial Consciousness, even though Human Consciousness is a much bigger mystery. The relatively new field of Quantum mathematics/mechanics, as promulgated by Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff, proposes that Consciousness can be mathematically defined, (*Q-bit*), whereas, in religious terms, consciousness serves only a spiritual master and not science’s laws. From these two extremes humanity could spawn more than a mechanical consciousness. In a Buddhist temple on Penang, mourners recently held a ritual in which mourners bit on an apple to hasten Steve Jobs’ reincarnation. Will it take place inside a computer?

Your digital elf.

Somewhere in the bit stream lurks the Neural Cybernetic Globalized Tribe, its members now swollen way past the initial crew of nerd coders, scientists and cyberpunks to include a horde of opinionated couch potatoes consuming pop corn and watching sci-fi movies while clicking like or dislike widgets in an online game of binary Utopia. Some of them already possess implants that allow the blind to see, the deaf to hear and the limbless people to move, but in the future machines will enhance our memory and lift the linguistic veil. We’ll be telepathic, if we want.

A new way to think?

The Cosmic Egg has cracked and there’s no turning back. One can only hope that there’s a universal language hardwired somewhere inside the human psyche which will allow humanity to re-prioritise values and beliefs; to perceive things the way they really are, not the way they think they are. Whatever your spin, we’ve left digital re-birth behind and we’re headed into whatever lies yonder event horizon.

The data is never in!

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  1. I’m glad to see H+ is still publishing wooly rants like this one…yes, I agree, we’re quite silly for believing we can expect the unexpected. I’m in if you are!

  2. like

    I am sure that if we put our heads together we could write more to highlight the infinite many ways this will unfold across the verses with their unlimited events but I’m pretty sure it’s just fractal to the nth dimension and everything is happen some space…………

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