Natasha Vita-More Featured in FLAUNT Magazine

FLAUNT Magazine, LA’s international high-glossy cultural magazine is featuring Natasha Vita-More in the article “Post-Human Are People, Too”. The article captures Vita-More’s historical work in the arts, film, video and theoretical approach to transhumanism and the posthuman future. The article begins with a recap of Vita-More’s 16mm film “Waking Goddess / Sleeping Muse”, where she hiked 30 miles inside the Haleakala Volcano on the Maui Island and performed a soliloquy to the loss of her pregnancy. This artistic interpretation of women and the earth led to Vita-More’s performative works which led her to the Amazon Jungle, Red Rocks Amphitheater, the US Space and Rocket Center’s Space Camp training, and toward the future and eventually transhumanism. In 1983, Vita-More authored the “Transhuman Manifesto” about humans and space and one step closer to her theoretical writings on what she calls “life expansion”. To read this article go to Flaunt magazine …

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