The Transhuman Agenda

Freedom, not fear! Democracy, not dictatorship! Food, not famine!

Celebratory gunfire.

Welcome to the future. Amongst many of the ambient factors we’re now living with; like the Arab Spring, global warming, overpopulation and the daily extinction of species, Transhumanism (H+) is an elitist social faction born from the silent screams of billions of cyperpunks who once believed that technology could improve mankind. Meantime, Tyrants have fallen; Tipping points are rife and Entropy remains ruthless. It’s more than half-way through 2011 and the ramp to the apocalypse, or singularity, has already begun.

You might as well have been captured by an alien with a time machine because it wasn’t that long ago, less than twenty years, that Transhumans were united in believing that the net bound humanity together in some inexplicable way. How little we’ve changed, a society that still believes machines can solve problems, like the ‘The Eschaton’, the 26,000 year Mayan Long Count, The Apocalypse, Nostradamus, or the end of Kali Yuga. The winter solstice on Friday 21st December 2012 is not being sold or marketed as just any solstice. It’s the Great Solstice, source of all solstices and all equinoxes. According to some enraptured evangelists, 21.12.2012 is about apocalypse and ascension. The end of the world is coming, a comprehensive destruction of everything we hold dear. Life as we know it will end and the winter sun of 2012 will usher us into 72 days of ‘upheavals’, during which time will have no meaning and chaos will reign before the cavalry arrive and a ‘new order’, of some kind, is installed.

Yes folks, it’s going to be destruction in the vein of Noah, or at the very least, Atlantis.

Are we thus Neanderthals, dying out before the arrival of proto-humanity?

Will we leave behind the brutalities of Kali and birth a tribe of humans who will thrive on a quest for a Golden age of man? Maybe we’ve already been born; we who read the same book; we who think the same thoughts; we who seek the same justice, the same fair deal. Social networking continues to be the glue which binds global consciousness to the Arab Uprising, Nuclear Safety issues, ecological devastation, Earth changing natural events, or whatever you think is of the utmost importance. Back in the moment, whatever happens next year, the future isn’t written, at least not on any kind of a personal level. I believe that the quality and security of your life depends on everything I’ve written or I wouldn’t have written it, but all I know about 2012, right now, is that it’s definitely coming and everything is speeding up. According to the PopClock, the World’s Population right now is 6,92 billion. For 2012, its projected to be 7.3 billion.

I predict that, at that time, a whole new generation will be born, a generation of (H+) who will already be encoded with the latest in Spirituality, Art, Science, Philosophy; and for whom even physical Biology is within range as the global mind strives to reformulate human priorities for an age of reason, or thus spaek the legend.

H+, or >H, as it is sometimes written, is for everyone who can understand what it means to be linked by cell phone, tablet or PC, which is a lot of us, as you’ve probably noticed. The H+ Generation is busy overcoming our biological limitations through science, technology and also innovation. Prosthesis and implant will be the way forward as the H+ Generation seeks mood enhancement and intelligence augmentation, along with increased strength and beauty, of course. The ability to leave the planet and seed colonies on other planets, to explore the universe, are goals that every H+ student will acknowledge, goals that will also require extreme life extension.

But if we succeed in becoming demi-Gods, us Posthumans will easily identify the same problems we’ve got right now. Let’s hope you’re all up to the challenge.

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  1. Steven says:

    We all live in a time of transformation and yet this is soley up to us how we select the Y in the road to turn left or right is under our power of self-deterministism.

    Are you a Transhuman?

    Past, Present and Future: The Pardo Predictions

  2. Rebel Yell says:

    BILLY IDOL is the only cyberpunk who matters!

    As we get set to address a new millennium, science and technology are becoming the new weapons of change, and who better to arm you for the future battle than BILLY IDOL.

    Cyberpunk press release, Chrysalis Records.

    In 1995, when writer Jack Boulware asked “When did cyberpunk die?” at a meeting of former staff members of Mondo 2000, a response was “1993. The release of the Billy Idol record.”

  3. CARGO CULT says:

    Transhumanism is a CARGO CULT.

  4. Schwann says:

    Hey, nice to know there are still cyberpunks you, I manage to multi-task:)

  5. Str0 says:

    This might be helpful as far as understanding what cyberpunk is all about:

    (Check out the list of films on that site — great stuff!)

    Two cyberpunk books that I highly recommend as far as pinning down the aesthetic of the sub-genre are: Neuromancer and Snow Crash.

    Transhumanism, in contrast, tends to be more up-beat about the future and about technology. I consider myself a transhumanist )and long time reader of H+ magazine) who happens to also appreciate cyberpunk and science fiction more broadly.

  6. Alan from the UK says:

    The oldest seduction going, “you can be as Gods” Genesis 3 v5. Eve was fooled and it seems to me you are repeating this error.
    You think this is all new? I strongly recommend you read the book of Enoch and study what is meant by the “days of Noah”

    • Schwann says:

      Is the search for immortality expressly forbidden? Is the search for knowledge over?
      I don’t think so.
      I can understand your concerns, but space-travel will require certain modifications, which other, more qualified people can go on about, but whatever the prosthesis or implant, you can still honor the code and/or keep the faith on the frontier…if you want..

      • Alan from the UK says:

        Is the search for immortality expressly forbidden? Yes. Is the pursuit of knowledge forbidden? – absolutely not.
        Be careful, those deep feelings and longings that drive you may not originate from you. The lines will be blurred, reasons will come to you to justify actions which don’t stand the test of time.
        Where do we draw the line?
        I can stomach genetic splicing to alter a known genetic anomaly e.g. Cystic firosis. But if the gene spliced in was from a different species then I have a problem with that. I have problem with blending species, it seems to me you would be happy to the ears of a bat and the eyes of a hawk, but God decreed that each is made according to it’s Kind. Ignore this at your peril. As in the “days of Noah”
        Likewise inter-phasing humans and machines,the line needs to be drawn with great care.

        • Schwann says:

          I agree regarding ethics and boundaries of behavior and the point I tried to make, is that no matter how people ‘style’ themselves, they will still have to deal with their human heritage of greed, power, abuse of priviledge, etc…and this is where the ‘non-Darwinian mind’ comes into play…do not fear the non-Darwinian mind, if you find one..

        • @Alan

          I would agree with your “search for immortality” comment, if only for the fact that being immortal would get awfully boring. Witnessing the heat-death of the universe would be interesting though. Who’s to say we shouldn’t get 200, maybe 300 years though?

          Where do we draw the line? That’s what transhumanism is about. How can we as a species both push the boundaries of current technology while setting boundaries for the future? I think the problem here is that there will be people crossing the boundaries “mad scientist” style, and the rest of the population will have to deal with the consequences.

          As an agnostic individual I think that many forms of religion can teach us about the importance of limits as well as hubris. But it is important not to allow these same stories to keep us from moving forward as a species.

          There has to exist a happy medium. It’s our job to find it.

          • Alan from the UK says:

            Hi Adam
            You sound far to ethical for a transhumanists. You sure your not being hoodwinked by people with their own agenda? Wolves in scientific clothing?
            I agree with you to keep moving forward, but there are boundaries. I can’t always define these but we all usually know when they are crossed.
            Also never fails to amaze me how scientific people can be agnostic? It’s easy to prove otherwise

            • Schwann says:

              This mythical ethical boundarised sweet spot we’re all trying to pin down is not going to happen till we understand, and learn, how to deal with the weak spots of our humanity…so yeh, a melding of spirituality and science would be nice..

  7. Schwann says:

    @Victor Storiguard
    You got it right, imho, this ‘social unrest’, as you call it, is part of the H+ evolutionary wave. My next column applies.
    It’s correct to forget about 2012, because the deeper you go, the stranger the fish…

  8. JLynn says:

    Not trying to sound unkind but…I have to laugh every time I see these articles where man thinks he is going to make something better than God already has. That is so foolish. If you want to be wise please read the Bible. It has all the answers.
    Everything else is such a waste of time, money, and energy. Worship God…not your ownselves. You could end up creating some freakish thing with extra nuts and bolts and circuits and Leds along with a mixture of other animals cells and a few plant cells that will end up destroying you. I pray not.

    • James says:

      Do you wear clothes? How DARE you suggest clothes are better than the body God gave you, you heathen MONSTER!

      Philosophy can teach you wisdom.
      Science can teach you intelligence.
      Religion can teach you… how to shut up and behave.

      If we did create something that was “nuts and bolts and circuits and LEDs” and some organic parts (incidentally, this isn’t a year 9 electronics class…) that did destroy us… wouldn’t that PROVE it was better than us? Or would that prove that God didn’t like us tinkering with “his” particular field of expertise and felt the need to let the wrath of God go cyborg death-machine on us. If that’s the case, then it’s not us to blame for the massive bio-robotic bringer of doom, it’s God. Wouldn’t surprise me. Read the Bible. He can be a real douche bag.

      Incidentally, I do think we can do stuff better than God. God made Cholera. We made a cure. Which one do you prefer?

  9. Kevin says:

    I hope this post was intended to be satire.

    Trotting out dates like 12/21/12 works to wreck the credibility we currently have.

  10. Jack says:

    C’mon, what braindead nonsense is this? The attempt to transform H+ into something that morons could love and embrace? (I forgot, they already do and they infest our ranks.)

  11. One of the most interesting characteristics of the current wave of social unrest is that it would be much more difficult if it weren’t for modern technology. Protestors use everything from facebook to twitter to cell phones to co-ordinate their actions and share wisdom.

    That being the case, I wonder if you couldn’t argue that we are seeing here the first stirrings of transhuman politics — the merger of human and artificial intelligence in a social setting.

  12. theimgbrkr says:

    this is what God wants.

  13. Marlin Adams says:

    Lighten up, folks! Take the science serious enough, but for God’s sake (had to fck wit’cha) don’t take our own believes and opinions too damn serious. Prediction is a bitch!

  14. galarant says:

    I’m more worried about 2038 than I am about 2012

  15. Is this some sort of joke? Cyberpunk means high-tech low-life. Technology will only magnify social issues we have, deepen prejudicial rifts and further expand the money gap. Speak for yourself, I don’t consider myself a low-life.

    And the 2012 stuff is all a hoax. How could H+ publish this garbage? Now we’ll be lumped in with nutbag conspiracy theorists. So much for showing the public that we’re a group of fairly normal people.

    Humanity+ is about showing people how technology can help humanity in its endeavors if it is used in a responsible fashion. Human Augmentation and Artifical Intelligence are coming, we need to be ready for it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Transhumanism is about how technology will eventually help us overcome the problems that have, up until now, been endemic to human nature.

    Cyberpunk is about how technology won’t.

  17. Laura says:

    31st October, I believe, is when they anticipate the world’s population reaching 7 billion. Happy Halloween 😀

    *sets off fireworks to complement gunfire*

  18. mw says:

    2012? the gclosest thing to a known threat is maybe 2036 if you ask the top NASA expert on space projectiles.

  19. Schwann says:

    Honor the code – Keep the Faith!

  20. Mammago says:

    I’m with you!!

    “joins in celebratory gun/laserfire*

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