Change your Gestalt — the Schwann Column

Reality Check. We’re all part of the cultural revolution via an invisible network.

Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Schwann and this column may offer you the only hope of a cure for the social virus that has pushed our 2011 World beyond the threshold of critical mass.

The network exists beyond the normal reach of our five senses at a locale we only inhabit by virtue of our recent symbiotic partnership with the network. We may’ve come a long way since smoke signals and rock paintings, but we’d do well to remember that we’re still only flesh and blood. Prosthesis and implant are not yet part of daily life. In a networked environment, where Homo Sapiens can live faster or slower than in real-time, millions of tired, irritable, red eyed, people can testify to the fact that the network consumes large periods of time, so watch the clock because it’s either later than you think, or earlier. Millions of minds constantly interacting in a medium beyond time and space have become transdimensional. There’s no doubt. The world has been culturally altered by the digitally enhanced intercourse between minds, and also between machines.

Some problems may be too complex to solve philosophically, yet this column will try to update you on; Trending, Cyber-mysticism; Global anomalies; Scientific Discoveries; Ancient Mysteries, but there may also be Doomsday Cults or even signs of an Alien Invasion because it’s nearly 2012. Will people receive electronic communication from spirits surfing the network? Will the Hall of Records be found below the left paw of the Sphinx? Eschatology is rife, so read me again in a week to find out if you’re normal or not.

Excuse me, my black helicopter is waiting.


  1. Thanks. Yes, the Borgian (Corporate) meme is rife. Resist!


    See the notes on the emotional plague at the bottom of the page, it is referring to the same phenomenon.

  3. Please fasten your photon belts..

  4. I like it. Count me in 😀

  5. Hippie junkies.

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