Winner of Humanity+ 2011 Visionary Award: Ben Goertzel!

Ben Goertzel is recipient of the Humanity+ 2011 Visionary Award. Congratulations to Ben Goertzel for his many years of inspirational ideas. Ben Goertzel has been a motivation for Humanity+ and a delight to work with. We look forward to our future collaborations with Ben and his continued personal successes.

This award will be formally given to Ben at the upcoming Humanity+ @ Second Life Event on Thursday, Sept. 15 at 9:00 PM in Second Life.

Congratulations Ben!!!

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  1. David says:

    Wonderful person and a beautiful visionary

  2. Congrats to Ben Goertzel, for winning the H+ Visionary of the year!
    It was an enormous pleasure to have Ben come to Melbourne this year to speak at the Singularity Summit Australia as well as Monash University, and do some interviews.
    Looking forward to Humanity+ @ 香港

  3. Peter says:

    I consider Ben’s COSMIST MANIFESTO to be the (dare I say) “bible” of transhumanism in as much as I have found it to be a very useful guide to living ethically, positively and effectively during this time of transition, and I greatly appreciate what he has done for H+, and in AI.

    • Synchronist says:

      I too consider the Cosmist Manifesto to be an amazing piece of work, I think EVERYBODY that reads this magazine should own a copy.

      Congratulations !

      If you are reading this Ben… Throughout your life, what has had the most profound effect on your success?

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