Transhumanism Worldwide

Interested in meeting transhumanists in your area? Get yourself on this map with some contact info. Personal connections are the lifeblood of any movement! Started as an Accelerating Future blog post on June 3rd, this map now has over 100 people and 80,000 views.

Updating this map is a little tricky — you have to be invited as a collaborator by someone who already is one. If you know someone already on the map you can ask them for an invite, otherwise you have to fill in your email address in form below. Then you can also invite anyone else to collaborate, you just need their email address. I promise I won’t sell it to spammers, this list is only for adding people to the map.

You can also make a comment on this post and get someone to invite you that way.


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5 Responses

  1. I just updated this with everyone who hasn’t been added yet.

    The way to get invited is to input your email and name into the boxes above.

    I will probably update it again every two weeks if people keep adding themselves.

  2. Aaron says:

    Would someone mind inviting me to this?

  3. *giggle* Once I can put a pin in, it seems I can pin it exactly on the roof of the building I live in.

    Now the question is SHOULD I?

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