How to Pitch Articles to H+ Magazine

The objective of h+ is to inspire others about the awesome potential of science, technology, and their marriage with every other aspect of our minds and the universe. Let’s show people the world of wonder and complexity that is around every corner of the technosphere.

We are interested in methods and technologies that promote harmonious synergy among the technosphere, the natural environment, and the human species. We’re also interested in “transhumanism in daily life” — how do we apply our philosophy to living our lives as awesomely and thoughtfully as possible in the here and now?

Here are my suggestions for submissions… please don’t feel too dissuaded by these criteria — anyone can achieve them, if they try hard enough!

  1. Come up with an idea or coverage of a company/product/news story worth covering. Ideally you have had personal experience with the company/product/news story and are uniquely suited to write about it. If not, you should be ready to quote someone who has.
  2. Send the pitch to That goes into my inbox. Include links to samples of your other writing. (If you want to write articles for H+ magazine but haven’t written serious blog posts yet, you might want to try that first.)
  3. If you get the go-ahead, investigate the story, get a quote from an expert in the area you’re writing about. Take notes. The article should primarily be reporting, not speculation or personal opinion. Editorials are welcome but harder to write than straightforward informative articles. If you do want to insert a little speculation, save it for the end.
  4. Write the article. Between 500 and 2000 words is ideal. The less experienced you are at writing, the shorter and more concise it should be. Follow Singularity writing advice. Omit needless words. Remember the Most Important Writing Rule. Most likely, what you write will be boring not because you’re stupid, but because you aren’t bending over backwards far enough to please the audience. Make each sentence matter.
  5. Use the inverse pyramid structure that is common for all news and magazine articles. The five Ws come first: who, what, where, when, and sometimes why and how. Then, the most important details of your story. Why should we care? That should be answered within two or three sentences of the beginning. Why is reading this article worth the reader’s precious time? Why should I read this article in my free time instead of going hiking, visiting the beach, or reading something better-written? If your idea isn’t good enough to occupy the reader’s time, don’t bother.


That’s it! Follow these simple guidelines, and your article will be accepted and you will become famous overnight. Within the transhumanist community, anyway. 🙂

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  1. Hi Michael, I’m working on a story about supercrips and human enhancements within the sporting arena, in time for the 2012 Olympics in London. This project verges on science fiction, but I have worked as a technology and financial reporter on and off during last ten years and would love to do some reporting for your magazine.

  2. Paul Tiffany says:

    Kudos for the roadmap, Michael.
    I want to write. We each feel we have unique and important ideas and perspectives. Unfortunately, for me, a perfectionist fear of the inadequacy of language, across existential voids between Jupiter brains in the transhumanist solar system, creates serious writer’s block.
    Thanks for not keeping it too cosmic. Your article is approachable, clear, and helpful.

  1. March 30, 2012

    […] are also looking for people to send in articles. Please see How to Pitch Articles to H+ Magazine for […]

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