Top 5 Human Enhancement Must Haves

The World Health Organization estimates that 25 million people worldwide are affected by over 1,000 genetic conditions.  There are approximately 24.6 million people alive today that have been diagnosed with cancer within the last five years. In the United States alone, 101,000 people are currently waiting for an organ transplant, and the number grows 300 people each month, according the Mayo Clinic.

Human intelligence has not advanced at the speed of accelerating technologies.  What can we do to advance our own human physiology?  The following is a list of possible transhuman must haves for the 21st century:

1.  Brain Enhancement: Metabrain prosthetic, which includes
an observational feedback field
•  AGI decision assistant
•  cognitive error correction task pane with auto-correct options
•  multiple viewpoints window with drop down elements

2. Body Enhancement:
Whole-Body prosthetics, which includes:
•  In vivo fiber optic spine
•  Atmospheric physical stimuli sensors
•  Solar protective nanoskin
•  Regenerative organs
•  Exoskeleton mobility device
•  Replaceable genes

3. Behavior Enhancement: Psychology prosthetic, which includes:
•  Awareness Customization
•  Connectivity macros
•  Empathic ping layers
•  Finessed emotions helper
•  Persona multiplier and recorder
•  Seamless relay between platforms, avatars and syn-bios

4.  Style Enhancement:  Aesthetics prosthetic, which includes:
•  Wearable or in-system options
•  Transhuman haute couture clipboard
•  Radical style click and drag option
•  Day-to-night shape shifting
•  Customized tone, texture and hue change

5.  System Care:  Warranty prosthetic, which includes:
•  Additional 24 chromosomal pairing
•  Guarantee for genetic or code mutations or defects
•  Upgradable immune system and anti-virus system

Natasha Vita-More is a media artist/designer, Founder and Director of Transhumanist Arts & Culture, and Artistic Director of H+ Laboratory.

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  1. One of a kind genius says:

    Immortality isn’t the solution to human salvation.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sounds to me like these modifications would make you the perfect social butterfly, if everything goes well, and some kind of monstrosity if everything goes wrong.

    Also, many of the names sound like some kind of bad marketing high-tech blabber mixed and mashed together to sound cool, but fail at being intelligible.

    Those modifications would take precedence in my mind :
    Making the body stronger/better (bones, muscles, skin, teeth…)
    Neural interfaces linking to exo-cortices and virtual realities.
    Enhancing our senses and adding new ones (wider spectrums, higher resolution, sonar…)
    New ways of storing and transporting energy in the body, removing the need to feed and to breathe.

    and many other things that would be actually useful, instead of just being some sort of social add-ons

  3. sarin says:

    Seems interesting to me. Hope we get to see some of this stuff in the near future.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Please, someone has cranked the Dilbert Jargonator into overdrive. The items are mostly fluff and nonsense. The rest come off like a 1930’s scifi novel, where by 1990 we would all be flying with jetpacks or in our personal gyrocopters and fighting wars with hand held lasers or phasers if you are a Star Trek fan. Some will probably happen but the odds are you will be too old to get much benefit when they do. Others make you question the rationality of the proposal. I’m not sure what exactly “Finessed emotions helper(s)” are, but it sounds like a program to control/modify emotions. So, do you want a programmer finessing your emotions? I am sure that they would be “customizable”, kind of like current programs are customizable, you have your choice of the options allowed by the program and thus the options allowed by the program authors. So you have to trust Bill Gates II or a government bureaucrat who most likely will not know how to check what is actually in the program. No problems there.

    • Finessed emotion helpers (i.e. a user interface that allows the individual to be in control of their own emotional states) would be a tremendous boon to the large number of people who suffer various brain chemical imbalances, like Bi-polar. The same goes for many other technologies Natasha describes, they are likely to be developed for thereputic reasons, and then become more widely used.

  5. mymatedave says:

    The whole idea and concept are amazing but the things that really concern me are the brain and behaviour enhancement parts, especially when it comes to things such as cognitive error correction and empathy layers. Does anyone really think that this won’t be entirely consumer choice oriented with different settings for those that have a different value system?

    Not to be dystopian but I can easily see this being used by parents to ensure that their children don’t ‘stray from their traditional family values.’

  6. Anonymous says:

    resistance is futile

  7. Donald Lucas says:

    Some people can never truly be happy for who & what they are. A creation from our heavenly Father. Unless he decides to manipulate our DNA into ‘Solar protective nanoskin’ and ‘Empathic ping layers’ let it be, but do not venture into this pseudoscience. Love yourself.


    Donald Lucas

    • What God Wants, God Gets.

      If god didn’t want us to manipulate our DNA, then he wouldn’t have given us brains able to understand DNA well enough to manipulate it.

      Funny how your “God” always seems to have so many limits for someone who is supposedly “All Powerful”

    • Let us assume this ‘Heavenly Father’ exists.

      As a Father, when humans looked up at the skies and wished they could fly, and eventually fulfilled that wish by assembling materials and harnessing energy in just the right way to achieve flight’, what would have been a more appropriate response from our Heavenly Father:

      ‘Hey! I made you so you would be confined to the ground! Stop using the inventive minds I gave you in such a blasphemous manner’!


      ‘I am so proud! Look, my children applied their minds to understanding their world and used the hands I gave them to apply that knowledge to the creation of technologies that freed them from having to be constrained to travelling along the ground’.

      Personally, I think the second example is more befitting any Heavenly Father. So why should the same not apply to seeking ways out of the restrictions our current bodies and brains impose upon us?

  8. Anonymous says:

    You worship your god, I’ll worship mine. This all gives me the creeps. That people sit awake at night and ponder such things. Humans have already divided. You take your path, I’ll take mine. I am fallen and corrupted Man. I turn away from the god of this earth, who is the progenitor of corruption and human anguish. You can continue to worship and to follow him, but what will be your reward? What has ever been the reward for following the dragon? I accept my first death. My flesh must perish. Yet I will escape the second death. I accept my salvation and reject utterly the workings of the devil. I have my promise, you have yours. Which will prove true? You have your theory, I have the Bible. Which will prove true? You laugh and scoff at my way, I shake my head in disbelief at yours. Which one of us will be saved? Time will tell. Who fears death? You or me?

    Y’all have at it. Have your time. It is the night of the demon and these things must pass, but pass they will. Mankind is not God. Mankind is not Divine. Mankind is not Worthy. Mankind is doomed. There is only one hope for redemption. I would say “may you find Him now,” but I know that you reject the Truth. I would ask God to have mercy upon you, but the die has been cast and you will reap your black harvest. Reap it. Revel in yourselves. Lift yourselves up and worship yourselves. It will last a day or two. Everything Man accomplishes falls into the dust.

  9. Beo says:

    I think any interference in psychics is way too dangerous. I remember some antidepressants had suicide-provoking effect. Besides that’s why narcomania is so difficult to treat. Narcotics cause psychological addiction. Intelligence enhancement may be dangerous too but at least it is useful.

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