PROBLEM SOLVED- A New H+ Magazine Project

In 2011, with your help, H+ Magazine will solve all the world’s problems!

OK, a magazine may not be able to solve all of the world’s problems — but what we can do is

* investigate the most creative and advanced thinking on how world’s biggest problems can be solved
* summarize the solutions in articles and interviews that anyone can understand and enjoy
* publicize the solutions to the mainstream media

During the coming year, H+ Magazine will be presenting our most exciting series of articles and interviews yet:

Disease, unhappiness, stupidity, war, death, hunger, pollution, YOU NAME IT

No, literally: you name it!  If you have a suggestion for a big world problem you’d like us to address, send us an email at and let us know. Not only do we aim to solve all the world’s problems, we aim to please!

As well as presenting the PROBLEM SOLVED! articles and interviews online in real-time, we will edit them into a book as well, launching a new series of online and print PROBLEM SOLVED! volumes.

But we need your help!

We’re very excited about this new direction for our magazine — but we can’t do it alone!

We know a lot of amazing scientists, engineers, organizers and other innovators — but (much as it hurts to admit this) we don’t know everything!  If you know some person or organization who has a novel, feasible-sounding, unjustly-obscure approach to solving one of the world’s major problems, please email us at and let us know. We’ll take a look, and maybe your suggestion will make its way into our PROBLEM SOLVED! series.

And we also need your financial support.  As you probably know, the publishing industry is going through a transitional period these days, and many print and online periodicals are having trouble making ends meet.  H+ Magazine stays afloat via a combination of donations and advertising.  Even if you don’t have a lot to donate, please trust us, every little bit helps. Donate to H+ Magazine here!

You can also help support H+ Magazine by becoming a member of Humanity+, the publishers of H+ Magazine.

As the ancient Chinese curse says, we definitely live in interesting times.  The human race’s problems are more complex than ever before, but thankfully, we have also developed incredible ideas and technologies capable of providing solutions.  And H+ Magazine is going to bring them to you — so stay tuned!

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