Top 10 Reasons Transhumanists Should Care About Internet Television

“It’s time for a thousand specialty channels of Transhumanist TV!”


• 1 million+ specialty video channels on your TV. A video platform for a 21st century democracy.

• Americans spend half their free time watching TV. They need much better news & edutainment.

• Ability to like, dislike, and ban ads. Only ads you care about will get into your home. Finally.

• Our iPad will become our iTV remotes, and game controller for amazing new iTV games.

• Social viewing, chat, and collaboratively filtered recommendations. Facebook TV.

• Micropayments, user-customized commercials (with half-mute and captions), and clickable ads.

• Realtime customized captions & sidebars. Never watch news without great commentary again.

• Open source video licenses will bring peer-to-peer, mashup culture to video.

• If copyright holders offer a rental license, they must also offer a remix license, priced no higher than the rental license. This will allow tons of community-edited and “best of” short-form video.

• It’s time for a thousand specialty channels of Transhumanist TV!


Big cable and telco companies are actively slowing down the arrival of iTV today, trying to keep your bandwidth below 100Mbps for as long as they can. iTV will take away their control of the big screen and massively fractionate their market. It will also create an environment that will support hundreds of thousands of new, independent, full-time specialty video producers, remixers, and commentators, and facilitate massive new subculture emergence.


Action items: Be an early adopter of Boxee, Google TV, the iPad, and Android tablet successors. Use BitTorrent aggressively, to force big telcos and cable to upgrade their shitty networks. Seed and share open source video content. Donate to and support the Open Video Alliance.


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