FutureStates: Online TV Show Deals with Interesting Stuff

FutureStates is a made for the internet program from PBS, and quite
frankly I am quite surprised by how thought-provoking and intelligent
the production turned out to be.  Eleven short film “what if”
scenarios focus on such topics as biological and economic
exploitation, human adaptation to environmental disaster, cybernetic
games, corporate tyranny, romance within the midst of war and
destruction, and immigration & discrimination.

I have a friend who watched these video segments and was extremely
depressed and repulsed by what she viewed, but I saw the seeds of hope
within most of these cautionary tales.  As much as I hope for a
blissful post-singularity world, I personally believe humanity will
see some very dark and challenging years before we can, possibly, get
there.  These films will help people to realize they will have to
fight hard for the future they want, due to powerful vested interests
which may try to take them in short-sighted and destructive

The impressive FutureStates website encourages viewer participation by
allowing people to post predictions and the years/decades it is
expected to happen.  I was both impressed and amused as I looked over
the comments made by the general public.  But I was also saddened by
the relatively few number of them.  I would encourage transhumanists
to share their knowledge and insights at the site, because it appears
there will be upcoming seasons of this catalyzing program and so we
should be a postive and life-affirming influence.

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