Hey, DARPA. Give Us Your Helmet!

PopSci reports: “DARPA has been trying to crawl inside the minds of soldiers for a while now, but a new ultrasound technology could let them get deeper inside than ever. Working under a DARPA grant, a researcher at Arizona State is developing transcranial pulsed ultrasound technology that could be implanted in troops’ battle helmets, allowing soldiers to manipulate brain functions to boost alertness, relieve stress, or even reduce the effects of traumatic brain injury.”

Point #1:  We want these helmets.
Point #2:  This is at least a little scary in the hands of the military.  And will be even scarier in the hands of  bad guys in the inevitable movies it will inspire.
Point #3:  Reiteration — we want these helmets! Give us the helmets!

Oddly, I’ve been interviewing Michael Belfiore about his fascinating DARPA book, The Department of Mad Scientists. The book largely focuses on DARPAs biggest, most culture changing (most publicly acceptable?) projects.  It will run next week.  (Not a word was said about the helmet!)


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