Little Red Corvette: Gatherer Partnership will Fix You Right Up

Ever thought of your body as a car? Well, this is the approach taken by a Formula 1 company that has reworked its mechanical diagnostic software to be applied in the medical field.

This November, the Gatherer Partnership is expecting to role out the GP Analysis Suit, at around £6000 a unit. The equipment aims to analyze the performance of muscles and diagnose neuromuscular problems. It works by encasing an area of the body in a harness. The physician then applies force and a detecting load cell — a tool typically used to gather information on cars — is used to transmit the information back to a computer. One of the Gatherer founders, John Bailey, commented that the most difficult part was rewriting the software, to take into account factors such as age and gender, to produce a real time on-screen graph of performance.

The product will most likely be used, at first, by sporting professionals for endurance and training programs and rehabilitation centers. The Gatherer Partnership is also looking toward potential applications in the defense and leisure industries. It also sees a role for the GP Analysis suit in insurance profiling. The founders argue that it will make it easier to prove the extent of real pain and injuries.


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