Life Expectancy Breakthrough?

Physorg reports today on something they are calling a “life expectancy breakthrough.”  The report, based on an article in the American Naturalist.

The article quotes the chief researcher, Dr. Damian Dowling of Monash University in Australia, saying:

“Clearly, the genetic determinants underlying life expectancies are complex. As we unravel this complexity, we draw closer to the day in which we might use the genetic information encoded in the mitochondria to assist in the development of therapies that slow the onset of ageing in humans.”

Does this emphasis on genetic determinants contrast with Aubrey de Grey’s SENS concept, which defines seven causes of aging and suggests that we try to repair each one?  de Grey has said, “We perish not because of some internal clock that says, ‘Time to die now!’ but because of a lack of attention and self-healing.”  Does this new research imply something akin to an internal clock — one that can be hacked… made to tick off our time more slowly?

Heck if I know.  I leave it to you to discuss.

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