Don’t Be a Luddite: Buy an Electric Car

Do you truly feel shitty about the oily pelicans in the Gulf? Do you want to throw a shoe in the face of the OPEC nations? When you gaze in the mirror do you want to see a lean green clean machine?

If yes, Yes, YES is your answer… it’s time to stroke your conscience and dreams by buying an EV (electric vehicle) now!

2010-2011 is a crucial moment in history as over a dozen EVs arrive on the market.  Will you buy one?  Are you cutting edge cool or a foul fossil Luddite?  You can vote immediately for a superior future with your wallet, or hesitate awkwardly like an impacted bowel.

Don’t mumble that you’re contemplating a Prius hybrid.  Wimp!  That’s like bragging that you had sex after some drunk played with your nipples.  Go All the Way!  Purchase an all-electric car now or you’ll be ashamed of yourself forever.

I might get Nissan’s LEAF.  I admire the name and adore the price: $25, 280 with rebates.  That’s all I can afford other than the Triac tricycle from Salinas.  Truth is, if I had the bucks I’d grab a Fiskar Karma (extended range) made in Finland.  Nothing says “I’m sexy rich & smart” like that aerodynamic orgasm. The Tesla Roadstar is another wet dream, an electric erection, the hottest Palo Alto gizmo since the linear accelerator.

I’m hoping everybody buys every weird-looking toaster on wheels that gets manufactured so there’s abundant diversity and competition.  I want to see teens in the Midwest puttering in Chrysler’s Global Electric Motorcars (GEMs) that are built in North Dakota.  I want Weego Whips from Atlanta racing for pink slips against the Aptera 2e from Carlsbad, California.  BMW Mini-Es and SmartEVs battling for Euro-turf against VW’s E-Up!  Brazil has its Fiat Palio, Honda its FCX Clarity, Subaru R1e, there’s a “Bright Idea” car —  everybody’s going to offer a Plug-In.

Buy whatever you want as long as I see you at a charging station instead of slurping putrid petroleum.  If you can’t buy an EV then I expect you to rent one: Enterprise just purchased 500 LEAFs.  Let’s all participate in the transition away from war, smog, slimy beaches and corrupt “oiligarchies.”

The future is EV and solar.  Are you the bright future?  Or the scabby past?  Agree?  Disagree?  Leave your comments below:


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  1. Jannie M. says:

    I still see muscle car transportation and a few electric ones. I would like to see more of this type of car so we can really get rid of gasoline stations.

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