Arguments Against Uploading Yr Mind — Have At It!

OK, brain uploading fans.  Defend the cause against this one…

six reasons why you’ll never upload your mind into a computer

“3. Insane Energy Demand

“The human brain only needs 20 watts to run the app called You, but with almost 7 billion of us and counting, we’re already straining the earth’s ability to host us all. Meanwhile, you know how much juice one Google data center consumes just to index the latest LOLcats (a task much, much simpler than hosting your digital consciousness)? 100 million watts. Do the math: We’d have to invent fusion reactors or build a Dyson sphere just to keep the lights on. Neither of those technologies are theoretically impossible — in fact, they fit right into the Singularitarians’ techno-magical worldview. But they’re definitely not gonna happen within the next few decades, and probably not even within the next century or two.”


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