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Stem Cell Explosion

A revolution in medicine is occurring as stem cell research jumps out of the embryonic stage.  Startling advances in recent months are reported from multiple nations:
China: Stem cells help autistic, epileptic girl (February)
United Kingdom: Stem cells enable boy to receive a windpipe transplant (March)
USA: Man cured of HIV after stem cell therapy (April)
Israel: Progress in mass-production of stem cells (May)
Japan:  Stem cells repair heart attack damage (May)
United Kingdom: Multiple sclerosis halted by stem cells (May)
USA: Stanford stem cells may cure hearing loss (May)
Italy: 82 blind people have their eyesight restored via stem cells (June)
Germany: 50% of patients with lymphocytic leukemia are cured with stem cells (July )
India: Glioblastomas tumors linked to stem cell activity (July)
United Kingdom: New approach revealed for treating heart attacks with stem cell therapy (July)
Australia: Scientists uncover link between stem cell mutation and breast and colon cancer ((July)
USA: Breakthrough announced on stem cell therapy success with Parkinson’s Disease (July)
India: Dr. J. Parthasarathy predicts cancer will be tamed in 10 years by stem cells (July)

Additional predictions are that stem cell therapy will:
Regenerate hearts in 5 years
Eliminate diabetes in 10 years
Regenerate almost all organs in 20 years

Attaining immortality is looking easier.  Living 150 years seems conservative, and surely the Singularity will emerge in that span to boost us all into eternity.  Medical news seems so optimistic, maybe even the caloric restriction crowd will start eating donuts. 

Celebrate!  Backup organs for meatbags is on the way!

reference: http://stemcells.nih.gov/info/2006report/

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