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Welcome to the Home of Satanic Transhumanist Elite Conspiracy

Image Courtesy of: euro-med.dk/?p=15248This guy Anders has been churning out these great mad paranoid conspiracy rants about some sort of collusion between transhumanists and pop stars and the global elite, whose goal is to create a "Posthuman Robot Hell." He’s mentioned h+ magazine a few times, including in this new tirade. In an earlier post, he "explains" transhumanism.

Quoting from his recent post, titled "Increasing Propadanda For March Towards Posthuman Robot Hell": "The ‘elite’ are not happy with us as we are. They see themselves as gods and promise us, too, divinity through genetic engineering and technologies over time – eg. artificial intelligence, which is many times larger than our natural intelligence – as well as eternal life here on Earth! The transhumanist movement has its origins in elitist and eugenic Julian and Aldous Huxley’s fantasies on the Brave New World – as well as George Orwell’s grim prophecy ‘1984’ on a global police state that regulates everything and everyone. In order to prepare the youth for the future transhumanist brainwashing, conditioning by means of psychotropic drugs and chipping, which Obama’s healthcare reform paves the way for, as well as the final goal: to change the world’s population into elements of a global computer where everybody is linked to each other – and who therefore can all be controlled, the entertainment industry has started a massive influence on our youth with trans-and post-humanist ideals of satanistic connotation.

Biting off ideas from a recent h+ piece by Kyle Munkittrick (that he later links to), Anders writes:

BatmanHere Batman is given as an example of a super human, Spiderman / Ironman as the transhumanist and Superman as a posthumanist. The elitist ideal for us is the bee-hive, where nearly all are standardized workers – and a few command the empty-headed bunch. Behind it all lies a carefully planned psychological warfare strategy by the elite, who is overwhelming us with cognitive dissonance – contradictory ideas that lead us to bend ourselves after the most practical idea, ie. that of the elite. When the bombardment of sex and violence has gone on long enough, we become conditioned, numb, and violence and oppression of dissidents can continue without protests. Think of the immigrant / left-wing violence in everyday assaults, rapes, shooting and stabbing episodes on our streets – and in our homes as well as the drug epidemic. This is Satanic.

In terms of the transhumanist conspiracy, I can’t help but think of what Tom Hayden said about the Chicago 8, accused of conspiring to disrupt the Democratic Convention in 1968: "We couldn’t agree on lunch."

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