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Jason Silva’s Inspirational Video “Teaser” Features Kurzweil, Leary, de Grey, Bill Maher

Image Courtesy of: current.com

Jason Silva, h+ magazine contributor, transhumanist enthusiast, and CurrentTV show host has posted what he calls a "Concept Teaser" on Vimeo for a film he’d like to make titled TURNING INTO GODS. With Silva radiating youthful vigor and enthusiasm — even in just 4 minutes — this video clip promises to be particularly exciting and intelligent. 

Silva explained his goals and inspiration to me: "So I had this idea of trying to find a way to articulate my view of the intersection of science and transcendence… Where science meets poetry and the sublime. Stewart Brand said: "we are as gods and might as well get good at it". This quote inspired me to put together some of these ideas into a ‘concept teaser’ for some type of documentary… an attempt to create a meditation on our yearning for transcendence… a sort of poetic rant about what the Singularity could mean emotionally.


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