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Smiling Girlbot, Faster Speeds for Quantum Memory, Stem Cells for Better Brains and more. AcceleRoundup 4/5/2010

Geminoid-F. Photo: spectrum.ieee.org/Well, there are a lot of guys in robotics… and they all want to see a female bot with a nice friendly smile… maybe missing something in their home life? Anyway, here it is… "Geminoid F, a copy of a woman in her 20s with long dark hair, exhibits facial expressions more naturally than previous androids" Link

Via KurzweilAI, we find out about a Physorg report that was posted on April 1 but is probably no joke titled, "Physicists demonstrate 100-fold speed increase in optical quantum memory"

To wit:  "In a new study, a team of physicists, Klaus Reim, et al., from the UK, US, and Canada has focused primarily on increasing the bandwidth of an optical quantum memory. The researchers have achieved data rates that exceed 1 GHz, which is more than 100 times greater than the speed of existing quantum memories." Link http://www.physorg.com/news189320461.html

Meanwhile, Science Daily is doing the accelerando at hyperspeed today.

One headline is… "New Period of Brain ‘Plasticity’ Created With Transplanted Embryonic Cells"
Ahh, those lucky juvey mice! One of these days, a smartmouse is gonna look at a cat and it’s going to be worse than Tom and Jerry… even worse than Itchy and Scratchy (from the cat’s eye view). Or in plain ol’ sciencespeak, "UCSF scientists report that they were able to prompt a new period of "plasticity," or capacity for change, in the neural circuitry of the visual cortex of juvenile mice. The approach, they say, might some day be used to create new periods of plasticity in the human brain" Link

And then there’s this header: "Discovery of New Group of Molecules Could Help Fight Spread of Cancer and Other Diseases"

Quoting: "The new molecules are synthetic derivatives of a natural product known as UDP-Galactose, and block the activity of a group of enzymes called glycosyltransferases." Link

And nano-wise, do we have another step toward nanomanufacturing?  There’s this header: "Nanotechnologists Reveal the Frictional Characteristics of Atomically Thin Sheets"

Quote: "The results may also have practical implications for the design of nanomechanical devices that use graphene, which is one of the strongest materials known." Link

And finally, enough of all this positive thinking. You just want to feel better than that other guy (errr… person).

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