AcceleRoundup 3/4 2010… Upcoming: Ultra-fast communication ‘tween chips, low cost thin film solar cells and more

On Monday, I got my vertiginous dose of hope from Science Daily. Today, KurzweilAI is responsible.

First, there’s a link to an IBM press release… and I quote the opening line: "Scientists today unveiled a significant step towards replacing electrical signals that communicate via copper wires between computer chips with tiny silicon circuits that communicate using pulses of light." In other words, Moore’s Law isn’t a temporary statute.

Trapping Sunlight with Silicon Nanowires Photo: physorg.comThen there’s the news about advances toward "an economically viable path toward high-efficiency, low-cost thin-film solar cells" out of Lawrence Berkeley National Labs titled "Trapping Sunlight with Silicon Nanowires." Which makes me wonder… do we really need to start building these big, dinosaur nuclear reactors that won’t come online until after The Singularity? (For the irony-deprived, that’s exaggeration for effect, not an invitation to discuss whether The Singularity will beat the next online nuclear reactor… or the completion of the 9/11 memorial in NYC or…)

And finally an answer to the Bee Gees eternal question "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart." Skin cells… upcoming

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