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The ______ of _______ by Means of Natural _________. Darwin w. Redactions

Image Courtesy of: ianmonroe.comh+ contributor and longtime pal o’ mine Ian Monroe has created a book and — "At long last! Science and Religion Finally Reconciled!

"For the first time, Darwin’s dangerous ideas have been published, with every word which doesn’t occur in the King James version of the Holy Bible safely redacted. By removing more than 33,000 references to non-KJV terms, we have finally succeeded in translating this demonic work into a safe manuscript, appropriate for high school biology classes, as a text for homeschooling, and even for discussion in Bible study groups."

Get it here!

About the book, on i-Newswire:  "’I wanted people to reflect on the nature of language, and particularly on Fundamentalism, and the notion of ‘the Bible said it, I believe it, that settles it,’ which seems to preclude most concepts in a modern worldview,’ Monroe said. ‘I also thought it would be pretty funny to actually see what it would look like if you could visually remove all those modern concepts. And what better way than by filtering Darwin through the sieve of the Holy Bible?’"


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