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Male Birth Control Injection May Be Near. Excuses To Follow.

TheMedGuru.com reports on a pair of two year trials of a male birth control injection taking place in Great Britain.

Male birth control injection. Photo: themedguru.com"Professor Richard Anderson, from the University of Edinburgh, who is heading one of the two year long trails said, ‘A lot of women may think it’s time men took their turn. When we carried out surveys of women, they were enormously enthusiastic. The single most common reason was they wanted to share the responsibility for contraception.’"

Men, meanwhile, shouted "Out of my cold dead haaa… errr, there has to be a better way of saying this."

Ok, back to science: "The shot contains the male sex hormone testosterone, and a synthetic version of the female sex hormone progesterone. The men will be given injections by the general physician twice a month. The injection works by stimulating the brain into reducing the levels of other hormones which control sperm production and maturation."

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  1. Nice post…I like it..but I Don’t agree with the ideea of controling the babies sex birth..It’s not right.

  2. achat says:

    what it is like being an UNWANTED CHILD

  3. Dneirotas says:

    I thought something similar with this was already being in for certain sex offenders that went out on parole. I do know that there are issues with this system, up to and including the fact that messing with the hormonal system causes all kinds of bizarre side effects.

    Women I hope you like your men with breasts, soft features, and emotionally dependent. Because that’s what you’re likely to wind up with.

    Remember you are getting what you’ve asked for.

  4. Jamieeee says:

    Isn’t progesterone what a woman produces when she’s pregnant? I have to wonder who thought of putting that into a man. Enhanced levels of testosterone could lead to increased loss of hair. Deutsch Englisch Übersetzung Übersetzung Deutsch Italienisch

  5. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t progesterone what a woman produces when she’s pregnant? I have to wonder who thought of putting that into a man.
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  6. Anonymous says:

    Would this affect the size of my “load” at all?

  7. Maria says:

    if this is true would men also have to take birth control pill ????

  8. roel says:

    but could this be possible in any ways??…how would a man look like if he gets pregnant/??..even if it possible i really wonder how would they do this…this is so funny at the same time…..if this happens the would all men have to put on Plastic Injection Moldings???

  9. SFMD says:

    Yes getting rid of unwanted pregnancy with male and female birth control is a answer. But it only half the answer, you’re forgetting that you to have find cures or better yet vaccines for STDs. So female and male birth control is great but remember before the orgies and fuck parties start you need to get rid of the second half of the problem, cures or vaccines for STDs.

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