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DARPA Plans for Immortal Synthetic Life

Photo: wired.comIf you can’t get hired by Drew Endy’s open source synthetic biology program, maybe you can breed eternal synthetic life (with a kill switch) for the US military.

When it comes to Way Mad Science, science fiction can never top DARPA. The latest gambit, as revealed by Wired’s Danger Room, is to "’assemble the latest bio-tech knowledge to come up with living, breathing creatures that are genetically engineered to ‘produce the intended biological effect.’ Darpa wants the organisms to be fortified with molecules that bolster cell resistance to death, so that the lab-monsters can ‘ultimately be programmed to live indefinitely.’"

Oh to be DARPA and get to throw $6 million at far out ideas (but — on the other hand — maybe not have it in the hands of the military? Oh hell, it’s gonna wind up there anyway.)

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